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Social Media Etiquette

Rocking Frog
2511 SE Belmont St.
Portland, Oregon, United States (map)



Social media technology continues to evolve by leaps and bounds. New applications are developed and released on a regular basis, all for the purpose of helping us communicate even more often when we already do, and for creating a tighter social web.

  We've got the technology. Now what? This discussion focuses on what the etiquette is for using social media to communicate with other people. We ask:

  When does social media become narcissistic? What is the right approach to cultivate relationships in social media? When do you become a spammer, and how can you stop doing it? How do businesses communicate their brand and marketing while cultivating real relationships? How should businesses handle situations where someone complains about their services?

  By asking and discussing the question we can start to look at not only what we use social media for, but how we use it to create genuine relationships, while also establishing an etiquette that enables us to maintain those relationships.