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Bethany Public House

4840 NW Bethany Blvd
Portland, Or 97229, USA (map)

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  • Friday
    Feb 23 2024
    Science of Intelligence

    About Science of Intelligence Lecture

    Join us for a groundbreaking journey at “Cerebral Sips,” where Mounir Shita unveils the first comprehensive and universal theory of intelligence, with a special focus on the future of artificial superintelligence.

    Whether you're a seasoned scientist or simply a curious mind with an interest in cutting edge scientific research and the future of technology, this lecture is designed to be accessible and engaging for everyone.

    Dive into a journey that interweaves the vastness of the cosmos with the intricacies of quantum physics, all while centering on the pivotal role of artificial superintelligence. Shita will unravel the complex fabric of intelligence, laying the groundwork for systems that could transcend our current understanding and capabilities. This transformative theory bridges the gap between the cosmic scale of intelligence and the ground-breaking potential of artificial superintelligence to redefine our future on Earth and beyond.

    Mounir Shita’s approachable style and clear explanations ensure that attendees of all backgrounds can grasp and appreciate the revolutionary concepts of artificial superintelligence.

    This lecture series, based on his pioneering book, “Science of Intelligence – The Theory of General Intelligence Explained,” promises an immersive experience blending deep intellectual insight with the enjoyment of fine wine and craft cocktails.

    Who Should Attend

    This lecture is perfect for anyone with a curiosity about science. No specific scientific background is required – just an open mind and a thirst for knowledge. Be part of an enlightening conversation that challenges and reevaluates our understanding of intelligence. This isn’t just a lecture; it's an invitation to explore how intelligence shapes our world and future.