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Briq Studio

209 Northwest 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

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  • Friday
    Mar 8 2024
    45 Camp Jumpstart Weekend
    Briq Studio

    Gives entrepreneurs a crash course in how to build a ClimateTech* Startup. 45Camp JumpStart provides a concentrated 3-day weekend with training, mentorship and connections to let you explore the idea of building a ClimateTech Startup. You’ll also see examples of VertueLab Entrepreneurs who are making it in ClimateTech. VertueLab is a ClimateTech non-profit that is focused on helping Pacific Northwest ClimateTech entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

    Ideas come from anywhere, and individuals with those ideas often don’t have the entrepreneurial awareness, tools, or guidance to get started in their exploration. Also, entrepreneurship is new in many communities and they need a jumpstart to gain the right knowledge and connections to move forward.

    The best way to discover, learn, and explore entrepreneurship is through a hands-on approach and meeting others that are building technology and can explain by showing. JumpStart Weekends are designed to be a comfortable space to gather curious individuals and introduce them to tools and methods they can use to explore their ideas and get instant feedback and mentorship, all packaged over a weekend.

    Although it's in our mission to address the impacts of climate change, entrepreneurship is for everyone. We want to increase access to entrepreneurship, and provide the tools and knowledge to everyone so that we are all part of the solution. So no prior knowledge of ClimateTech is required, all you need is an idea and the curiosity to know more and explore in a weekend of fun, we encourage you to apply!