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Solutional Inc

301 SE 2nd AVE
Portland, OR 97214, USA (map)

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  • Thursday
    Jan 18 2024
    Hacking a SaaS: A Practical Guide to Understanding Attack and Defense

    Solutional Inc

    Hacking a SaaS: A Practical Guide to Understanding Attackers and Defending Against Them

    In this talk, we will delve into the mindset of an attacker and explore the vulnerabilities they exploit in SaaS systems. We will cover the following topics:

    What motivates hackers to target SaaS systems (5%) How hackers conduct reconnaissance on SaaS systems (50%) The anatomy of exploit chains (40%) Strategies for defending against attacks (5%) Our goal is to provide a practical guide to understanding attackers and defending against them. We will share lots of hacker tips and tricks, and provide plenty of quiz moments to train your intuition. Our focus will be on vulnerabilities that hackers actually care about, rather than theoretical ones. All of our examples will be based on real-world exploit chains, and we will explore multiple vulnerabilities chained together to create media-news-headline-worthy outcomes. By the end of this talk, you will have a better understanding of how attackers think and operate, and you will be better equipped to defend against their attacks.

    Our January host and sponsor is Solutional Inc, and the talk will take place in their Portland office at 301 SE 2nd Ave.

    Please RSVP here if you are planning to attend.

    This is a monthly event of OWASP's Portland chapter.