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Honey Latte Cafe

1033 SE Main St
Portland, Or 97214, USA (map)



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  • Tuesday
    Aug 15 2023
    founder.coffee at Honey Latte Cafe

    Honey Latte Cafe

    If you want one of the greatest Lattes known to the world, stop by here and order the COCONUT CREAM HONEY LATTE!!!!!!!!!

    Nirvana is poured into a glass and handed to you with sweet gracious smiles of you being a customer.

    The team here not only know how to make a coffee, they're cool, relaxed and pleasing to watch maneuver while serving a perfect coffee.

    It's a great place to stop by grab a coffee, relax while letting the time go by. I would say check them out as much as you can before the secret is out!

    While roaming Portland I stumbled across Honey Latte Cafe. As a former barista I am quite picky about espresso drinks and let me say that the barista knocked it out of the park! ~Christina J on Yelp

    I don't know what magic is infused in the Coconut cream honey latte but it is just that...magic. One of the best lattes I have had.

    Please be sure to grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and spend time getting to know this incredible community. We've been excited by the turnout every month and by hearing your stories. We can't wait to hear more. ~Melanie W on Yelp

    Above 5-star reviews are from Yelp

    Really love their local Portland writer/artist vending machine, very cool place

    “What do you want?" "Just coffee. Black - like my soul.” ~Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

    Hope to see you all there! Josh & Mark

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