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Filo (Online)

Filo is a virtual event platform with great use cases for companies who are looking to host internal events such as workshops, deal reviews, training, QBRs, sales kick-off events, onboardings, and for people who manage distributed teams.

Since its inception, Filo has been able to create a virtual event platform that smartly integrates with existing marketing technologies.

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  • Wednesday
    Oct 20 2021
    StartOut's 2nd Annual Equity Summit

    Filo (Online)

    StartOut is excited to present the 2nd Annual StartOut Equity Summit, a virtual event that will focus on ways for underrepresented entrepreneurs to thrive across geographies and industries regardless of their background.

    The Summit is envisioned as an environment for dialogue and action where every participant is prepared to share insights, reflect on experiences, and be prepared to pose new questions and reframe old answers. This Summit aspires to be dynamic, exploratory, and honest. We work to understand lived experiences, while shifting the conversations forward towards actionable initiatives.

    The Equality Summit's programming will begin at 11:00am EDT / 8:00am PDT and will end by 4:00pm EDT / 1:00pm PDT, with networking opportunities immediately following.

    Agenda 11:00AM ET - 11:30AM ET..............Welcome

    11:30AM ET....................................Keynote Speaker

    12:00PM ET....................................Break

    12:15PM ET - 1:00PM ET................Session Group 1

    1:00PM ET 1:30PM ET....................Break/Lunch

    1:30PM ET - 2:15PM ET..................Session Group 2

    2:15PM ET......................................Break

    2:30PM ET - 3:15PM ET..................Session Group 3

    3:15PM ET......................................Closing Session

    4:00PM ET......................................Networking

    Tracks & Sessions We will have 3 Session Groups during the event. Each Session Group will consist of 4 Tracks broadcasting simultaneously. You can view Track descriptions below.

    Founder- How To Track How to Navigate a Tech Startup as a Non-Technical Founder - Session Group 1

    Starting any company is an uphill battle, but starting a tech company as a non-technical founder can feel insurmountable. How to find a developer? What are the right questions to ask? How do I navigate moving from a prototype, to an MVP to beta testing. In this conversation we'll hear from founders who answered these questions and how their company evolved along the way. Moderator: Jules Allen Speakers: Hillary Lin, Evita Grant, Arthur Woods

    Ageism in Entrepreneurship (Sponsored by AARP) - Session Group 2

    If you were to be asked what an entrepreneur looks like, most people would imagine a young 20 something year old ready to shake things up. In this session, we welcome you to join various founders that are showing that entrepreneurship isn't a "young person's game". They will share their experiences launching later in life and how their journey has been. Moderator: Nii-Quartelai Quartey Speakers: Chip Conley, Jeff Tidwell, Betty Wong

    Raising Intimacy: How SexTech Companies Raised Venture Capital - Session Group 3

    Sextech is estimated to become a $37 billion dollar industry by 2023. Despite this, it's a challenge to find investors that are open to attaching their name to a historically taboo topic. Hear from founders that have successfully raised investment for their startups, what pitfalls to avoid when pitching and what challenges they still face. Moderator: Adrianna Samaniego Speakers: Lora DiCarlo, Brianna Rader, Rebecca Alvarez Story

    Access To Capital Track Pitching your Authentic Self to Investors (Sponsored by SAP.io) - Session Group 1

    Pitching your startup is arguably one of the most important parts of your launch! In this session, learn about what investors look for in a pitch, how to present your business model at every stage and how to maintain your authentic self every step of the way. Moderator: Max Kahn Speakers: Kelly McDonald, AJ DeLeon, Alicia Castillo Holley, PhD

    The Unusual Suspects: Alternative Avenues for Funding - Session Group 2

    Venture Capital is often the primary method of funding that founders focus on but it's not the only one. There have been an increasing number of options for funding startups from grants, to revenue based investment and equity crowdfunding and each one has its own formula for success. In this session we'll hear from industry experts on how to find these opportunities and what qualifications a company needs to successfully secure the capital. Moderator: Jessica Chin-Foo Speakers: Liz Skalla, Cheryl Campos, Dr. Roshawnna Novellus

    Beyond the Check: A Fireside Chat with Elizabeth Gore and Navid Shahrestani (Sponsored by JPMC) - Session Group 3

    Investor and Founder relationships can be complex but once you find the right groove, they can be very rewarding and successful. Join Elizabeth and Navid as they share their journey "beyond the check". They will share initial impressions, lessons learned and how to maximize your relationship with your investor.

    Investors Track Journey to Becoming an Angel Investor - Session Group 1

    According to recent research, angel investing has seen about $3 billion invested each year since 2014. More and more people are taking the plunge and investing in a broad range of ventures. But when is the right time? How do you get started and how do you source deals? This session will cover everything you need to know to get started! Speakers: Silvia Mah, Pocket Sun, Lorine Pendleton

    Diversify Your Fund: How to Create Inclusive Space for Founders - Session Group 2

    As Venture Capital continues to grow, there is a responsibility to create diverse funds free from bias. In recent years we have seen efforts from some funds to be accountable and take actions with pledges and accelerator programs targeting diverse founders. Join these panelists as they share how they are investing in diversity. Speakers: Elizabeth McCluskey, Jasmine Edwards

    The Blueprint for Growth for Diverse VC's - Session Group 3

    Underrepresented fund managers are emerging all over the country and have invested in overlooked companies that have yielded positive returns. Expertise comes from experience but gaining that experience is often a barrier for first time fund managers or someone just starting out in Venture Capital. This session will focus on how to find the resources and people in your network to aid in your growth and development as a VC. Speakers: Vincent Diallo, Christine Tsai, Monique Woddard

    Economy Track LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs/ Community are Reshaping the Economy/ Landscape - Session Group 1

    LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs often have an outsized impact on the economy relative to the funding they receive. In this session we'll dive into the impact that these entrepreneurs have and make the case for more investment in LGBTQ+ led companies. Speakers: Dr. Vivienne Ming

    The Corporate Social Investor: How Companies are Supporting Underserved Founders (Sponsored by Vistaprint) - Session Group 2

    Startups can innovate and pivot on various market opportunities faster than larger more established companies but lack the same level of capital to accelerate their ideas. Corporate leaders have become increasingly focused on Social Responsibility and have responded by creating new models for investment and partnership. Hear from organizations that have supported emerging businesses and why it often has zero to do with their personal financial bottom line.

    Emerging Trends and the Future of LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurship (Sponsored by AWS) - Session Group 3

    The pandemic exposed various inequities, the lack of efficiency of some industries and in some cases, completely reshaped the way that industries do business. In a post-COVID world how do these industries need to pivot to meet the needs of their customers and what trends are on the horizon. Hear from LGBTQ+ founders on how they met the moment and what new challenges await them. Moderator: Nii-Quartelai Quartey