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  • Thursday
    Sep 17 2020
    @DAMAPDX Chapter Meeting September 2020: How VPNs Work- The Ins and Outs with Daniel Lenski, PhD, OpenConnect

    Zoom Conference

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    Presented by Daniel Lenski, PhD

    Virtual private network (VPN) software creates a connection between peers across a wide-area network (normally, the Internet!) and builds an encrypted tunnel that behaves like a direct connection to the same local, private network. VPNs have become a pervasive feature of modern workplaces, and even more indispensable in this era of COVID-19 and widespread remote work.

    The most widely-deployed VPN client and server software in workplace environments — including Cisco AnyConnect, Juniper/Pulse Networks, PAN GlobalProtect, and others — is all proprietary and closed-source. These VPNs differ in idiosyncratic ways, ranging from authentication to security requirements imposed on the client computers. Combined with bugs, missing features, and often mystifyingly vague error reporting, they can be very difficult to use, especially for those who need to access multiple VPNs. Under the hood, however, they all work in extremely similar ways.

    The speaker is one of the main developers of OpenConnect, an open-source VPN client which can connect to all of the aforementioned VPNs using a common interface (with several others in development). In this talk, he will explain in detail how modern client-server VPNs work, in terms of authentication, encrypted tunneling, Internet protocol routing, and client roaming. He will illustrate how the operation of a VPN can be reverse-engineered and reimplemented in OpenConnect, using an implementation of PAN GlobalProtect as an example. He’ll show some of the advantages of being able to connect to different VPNs in a consistent and automated way, which can be particularly indispensable for those who work as consultants or vendors to multiple companies using different VPNs. Finally, he’ll discuss some recent and ongoing developments in VPNs and other kinds of remote connectivity software


    Daniel Lenski received his PhD in semiconductor physics and has worked at Seagate, Intel, and Amazon Elemental, and he has been using Linux and open-source software since the ’90s. He started modifying and contributing to OpenConnect out of the necessity of interfacing with many different companies’ VPNs while at a semiconductor consulting startup (FPS, now part of Inficon) and has continued developing it as a side project.


    Virtual event, RSVP for Zoom registration details


    Date – Thursday, Sept. 17th

    Time – 8:30 – 10:30am

  • Thursday
    Jun 18 2020
    @DAMAPDX Chapter Meeting June 2020: Predictive Analytics with BigQuery ML with Jimmy Ruiz

    Zoom Conference


    In this session a Customer Engineer from Google will provide an introduction to BigQuery and BigQuery ML.

    About this Event

    Presented by Jimmy Ruiz, Google Cloud Platform Engineer

    DAMAPDX chapter meetings free to members, suggested donation for online events (pay what you can)


    What is BigQuery? BigQuery Architectural Overview BigQuery Demo Introduction into BigQuery ML Demo: Predict GA 360 User Conversions with BigQuery ML

    In this session, a Customer Engineer from Google will provide an introduction to BigQuery and BigQuery ML. Attendees will learn some key concepts, use cases, and see BigQuery in action.

    Where RSVP for Zoom link

    Date – Thursday, June 18th

    Time – 8:30 – 10:30am

  • Thursday
    May 21 2020
    @DAMAPDX Chapter Meeting May 2020: Data Prep Using Microsoft Dataflows

    Zoom Conference


    Presented by Dharmesh Godha, Advaiya


    Preparing and defining ETL for insights is a significant challenge for businesses today — as ingestion, cleansing, transformation, and enrichment are labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks which require deep technical skills.

    With this in mind, Microsoft has recently introduced advanced data prep with dataflows for the Power Platform, a suite of self-service low-code/no-code features and capabilities for business analysts and citizen developers to easily process and unify their data and store it in Azure-based data-lake storage. With these new capabilities, Microsoft offers a solution for any business need — whether you want to prep your data with ease, using a familiar built-in Power Query experience, or leverage the full Azure stack for more advanced use-cases.

    By attending this virtual event, hosted exclusively for DAMA Portland members, you will learn everything you need to know about dataflows and how to easily prep your data, leverage Common Data Services (CDS) improve time-to-value, eliminate data silos, and create one source of truth for your organizational insights.

    What You Will Learn

    Learn why Self-Service Data Preparation is important Hear the latest about Common Data Service (CDS) and Common Data Model (CDM) Gather insights about dataflows Observe live Demos Time for attendee Q&A Where

    RSVP for Zoom link

    Date – Thursday, May 21st Time – 8:30 – 10:30am

  • Wednesday
    Apr 22 2020
    TiE Women - Demonstrating Confidence in the Pitch Room

    Zoom Conference

    TiE Women is dedicated to Embrace, Engage and Empower women entrepreneurs across the globe. The program is aligned with TiE’s foundational pillars focused on fostering women entrepreneurs. The sector-agnostic program is focused on women entrepreneurs, irrespective of the size of their enterprises, origins, standing or background.

    Join us on the evening of April 22nd where several successful investors and entrepreneurs will share how to demonstrate confidence when presenting to potential funding sources.

  • Tuesday
    Apr 7 2020
    COVID SURVIVAL - Tips for Growth Stage Companies

    Zoom Conference

    Three area CEO’s will tell how they’re responding and negativing the COVID crisis.


    Jill Nelson, Founder of Ruby | General Partner at Elevate Capital | TiE Oregon Board Member


    Kate Johnson, CEO of ACT-On Software

    Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID

    Kate Winkler, CEO of Ruby