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The Riveter

501 Southeast 14th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)

You might know it as the locale of Portland’s beloved music venue Revolution Hall, but Washington High School is also now home to the newest location of The Riveter. Stop by and become a Riveter today to collaborate with a growing network of entrepreneurs, innovators, and game-changers who are rewriting the rules and making waves in Portland and beyond.


The Riveter offers coworking and community built by women, for everyone. We see a world in which equity of opportunity in work and business is not a promise, but is a reality. We build our coworking spaces, programming, and events to provide women access to everything they might need to accelerate their businesses and professional lives. We are proud to focus on women while being welcoming to all. More than anything, we understand that equity in work won’t be realized without everyone having a seat at the table.

Access Notes

The Riveter is accessed at street level on the exterior of the Washington High School Building on the corner of SE 14th and Stark. The space is one level.

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Thursday
    Mar 5 2020
    Out in Tech PDX Social | Intersectionality in Women's History

    The Riveter

    Learn from people in Portland Tech and hear from featured speaker Miki Demeter in this month's Out in Tech social!

    About this Event:

    Out in Tech PDX celebrates Women's History Month - but bringing a focus to intersectional practices and gender inclusion.

    This event is open to all marginalized genders. Everyone is welcome including women, trans women, intersex people, gender non-binary people, gender non-confirming people, trans men, and those who may be questioning their gender.

    Join us at The Riveter to learn from industry leaders while you network and hear a featured talk from Miki Demeter (she/her), Security Researcher at Intel and 2019 Best Speaker winner for Portland Women in Tech (PDXWIT).

    Food and Drinks will be provided for all attendees.

    Activity Table will be provided for youth - parents, please join us. We will not be providing childcare services, but we will be providing distractions.

    This event is intended primarily for those of a marginalized gender. Allies are welcome. We will collect RSVPs up to the day of the event!

    6pm - Doors Open & Networking

    Sit and chat round-table with industry leaders in Engineering, Management, Data, Startups, Design and more.

    7pm - Announcements & Speaker

    Hear a featured talk by Miki Demeter and updates from your Out in Tech PDX Team

    8pm - Goodbyes

    Tremendous thank you to our sponsor team at The Riveter!

    The Riveter is on a mission to change the future of work for all women. This means tough conversations, clear actions and key leadership on core diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) principles, advocacy and civic engagement.

    Thank you also to our food sponsor, ProFocus!

    ProFocus was built on a model of quality and integrity specifically designed to solve that problem for customers and candidates. Their business model is focused on only making careful introductions of the right candidates. They do this by fully understanding technology, our candidates, and the needs for each hiring position. _

    Note: Out in Tech's Code of Conduct applies to all our spaces, online and IRL.

  • Wednesday
    Jan 22 2020
    Confessions of an Entrepreneur with Ana Chaud, Founder of Garden Bar

    The Riveter

    Please join us on Wednesday, January 22nd as we hear the founders story from Ana Chaud, Founder of Garden Bar. Ana will discuss the highs and lows of starting the business and how she was able to successfully exit in just 5 years!

    Confessions of an Entrepreneur is a series that allows entrepreneurs to hear the highs and lows of what it takes to build a successful company – unfiltered and off the record – directly from successful entrepreneurs themselves!

  • Wednesday
    Oct 16 2019
    Beginner's Pluck Book Tour, Portland

    The Riveter

    Sseko & Yellow Co. & The Riveter

    Liz Forkin Bohannon is coming to you to celebrate the launch of her much-anticipated book, Beginner's Pluck.

    We're thrilled to partner with Yellow Co. & The Riveter (Riveter members come free!) for an evening of story-telling and sustainable style. In addition to meeting Liz & Joanna, we'll have a panel of amazing folks from your community who are doing meaningful work in the world who will share their secret sauce and their greatest pluck ups from the journey.

    You'll leave feeling inspired and equipped to build a life of purpose, passion and impact. (And you may even leave with a new pluck buddy or two! ;)

    General Tickets: $35

    Signed hardback copy of Beginner's Pluck ($24.99 value)

    15% off ALL Sseko product during the event

    One year membership to Yellow ($68 value)

    Full Free Day Pass to Riveter ($40-50)

  • Friday
    Oct 11 2019
    State of Womxn of Color - Advancing Community, Culture and Careers

    The Riveter

    The future of work is one with womxn of color at the center.

    Join The Riveter and Future for Us for The State of Womxn of Color Roadshow, an evening to tell audacious stories of womxn of color at work, accompanied by an overview of the data, insights and solutions. This collaboration provides a platform for rising and established womxn of color professionals to share their experiences and next step strategies as they build powerful communities to create a future for where womxn of color lead at the highest levels across all sectors.

    This is a special roadshow edition of Future for Us’s State of Womxn of Color, featuring a panel of local leaders. Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, Paige Hendrix Buckner and others will share personal experiences, discuss how womxn of color can navigate the world of work, and leave us with insights on negotiation, building community, and true allyship. Portland is one of the fastest growing cities on the West Coast. With its history of racial inequities and increasingly diverse population, it is of critical importance that we are actively working to build community, and ensure that across all sectors, womxn of color are in visible leadership roles across the city and state.

    Allies and champions are invited to come together to support womxn of color professionals through community, culture and career development - to create equity of access and opportunities for advancement. Together we can take actions to advance womxn of color and explore what it takes to build intentional communities for and with womxn of color, examine how allies can strengthen their cultural competency muscle, and explore what true workplace collaboration can make possible!

    6:00 - 6:30pm Registration and Networking

    6:30 - 7:00pm The State of Womxn of Color Presentation with Future for Us Founders

    7:00 - 8:00pm Panel + Q&A

    8:00 - 8:30pm Networking

    Why womxn and not womxn?

    The spelling of womxn is meant to show inclusion of trans, nonbinary, womxn of color, womxn with disabilities and all other marginalized genders. Both The Riveter and Future for Us use this spelling to indicate that our spaces and platform are open to anyone who identifies as such. We respect people of all genders, identities, and the use of pronouns that best identify an individual.


    Paige Hendrix Buckner is the Program Director of Founders Gym, an online training center that helps underrepresented founders build successful tech startups. In the first six months of operation, FG has trained 70 founders across 7 countries, who've gone on to raise over $10MM. Throughout her career, Paige has operated at the intersection of education, entrepreneurship, and social justice. She is a well-respected leader in the Portland startup scene and has helped cultivate their ecosystem, including co-founding the Xxcelerate Fund for women entrepreneurs.

    Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty is also the Principal Partner of Consult Hardesty. She is focused on increasing democracy in low-income communities & communities of color, eliminate barriers to advocacy, public policy deliberations, and public policy improvements that create disparate outcomes in communities of color and low income communities. JoAnn is also the President of the NAACP Portland Chapter.

    About Future for Us

    Future for Us is a platform dedicated to advancing womxn of color at work through community, culture and career development. We envision a future of work where womxn of color lead at the highest levels of corporate, government, and social sector organizations. We do this through a mix of monthly events, large-scale conferences for both womxn of color professionals and allies, and research. Join the movement and a community dedicated to womxn of color on Slack! Visit futureforus.co for more information.

    More speakers to be announced soon!

    Ticketing Information: Tickets for this event are on a sliding scale. Nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds. Contact [email protected] for more information.

    Host level tickets (25 max) will include individual and/or company name and/or logo in the event program.

  • Thursday
    Sep 26 2019
    Spirits & Style

    The Riveter

    Join us for an evening of spirits and style as we experience artisanal gin and whiskey from local distillery, Freeland Spirits and browse fall fashion trends from woman’s wardrobe rental company, Armoire. You’ll have the opportunity to hear the story behind both of these amazing, woman-founded and led brands. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey, enjoy great whiskey, have an eye for style (or looking for direction), or simply want to learn how to support women-led businesses, this event is for you!

    Armoire is tailor-made for the professional busy woman, providing her a wardrobe to telegraph her sense of power and self — in a minimal amount of time. Simply sign up, tell us your style and fit preferences, and pick your favorite pieces, then exchange them on your schedule. Shipping, cleaning, & styling included. The unique combination of our sophisticated algorithm, and high-touch personalized service, ensures you will consistently look composed, stylish, professional, and powerful.

    Freeland Spirits crafts artisanal gin and whiskey in small batches out of their Portland, Oregon distillery. Northwest grains and botanicals bring regional flavors through the still and to the glass. A traditional copper pot still brings 14 dried botanicals to life while a state of the art vacuum still cajoles delicate flavors of fresh cucumber, rosemary, mint and thyme. Bourbon finishes in Willamette Valley Pinot Noir barrels while Oregon grown Rye is distilled and laid to rest to perfection in barrels onsite. One of few women owned and operated distilleries, Jill Kuehler founded Freeland Spirits with a passion to produce high quality spirits with ingredients supporting local agriculture. Named in honor of Meemaw Freeland, her “all good things from scratch” approach inspires fresh and balanced spirits of integrity.

  • Thursday
    Sep 19 2019
    Latinx Business Founders to Watch Right Now | Panel

    The Riveter

    The Riveter presents a panel discussion with Latinx founders on how they built their businesses. Our goal is to provide a platform for local, diverse entrepreneurs to have real conversations about what it takes to grow a business, when to know you have an idea worth "betting everything on" and how to overcome the toughest challenges you’ll face. Join us to hear their stories, learn how they navigate challenges and bias, and celebrate their triumphs, large and small.

    [Moderator] - Janet Rodriguez

    [Panelists] Leo Ochoa, Founder and CEO of Dorsum Tech

    Sylvia Salazar is a Colombian immigrant who founded Tono Latino, a progressive platform to educate latinos in the US about important political information and encourage them to become more politically involved and vote!

    Nyah Zarate, Ph.D. Continuous Solutions LLC is a R&D technology company that focuses on energy efficiency and power systems. We focus our efforts at the intersection of government, industry and academia.

    About The Riveter The Riveter is a co-working space and community platform built by women for everyone. As we celebrate LatinX heritage month with a powerful programming series that amplifies LatinX voices with an intersectional lens, we center and recognize the rich history and legacy of the community. We commit to continuing to use our platform to advance equity alongside our LatinX communities. Our event is open to everyone whether you identify within the LatinX community or not. We encourage you to invite your friends, family, and aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start or grow their businesses.

  • Tuesday
    Sep 17 2019
    'Choose Your Party' Party: Networking for Excited Oregon Primary Voters!

    The Riveter

    Are you excited to support the nomination of your favorite political candidate? The Oregon primary election in May 2020 can't come soon enough!

    But, WAIT. Did you know that only registered party members can vote in that party's primary? If you're a non-affiliated or independent voter, you can choose a different party so you can vote in that party's primary, and then switch back (or not) for the general election. It's easy and takes seconds online, and we'll show you how. Plus, drinks! Snacks!

    And info about how you can get more involved in voter turnout events as we approach election season. Celebrate National Constitution & Citizenship Day at our ‘Choose Your Party’ Party! Everyone's welcome, regardless of party affiliation or voter status. Enjoy refreshments, meet friendly people, register to vote (or update your registration), and learn how YOU can spread the word about primary voting to your friends and neighbors.

  • Monday
    Sep 16 2019
    PNW's Language of Racism: Disrupting Passive Aggressive Communication Norms

    The Riveter

    What does racism sound like here in Portland? Is it subtle? Is it overt? Have I said something wrong? Have I been misunderstood? Why is racism so tricky to talk about?

    This experiential engagement will explore the spoken and unspoken cultural norms of communication as key pieces to advancing racial equity in yourself and your workplace. Here in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), which includes Oregon, Washington and Idaho, we have a unique flavor of communication norms referred to as passive aggressive and conflict aversion. Based on WASP (white, anglo, saxon Protestant and middle class), the PNW regionally communicates indirect and 'watered down' sharing of information. This is significant because it is hard to manage for something if you cannot name it clearly for everyone to understand. Tone policing, vagueness, deflecting, blaming the messenger rather than engage in the content of the message, civility politics, conflict aversion etc are a few forms this takes.

    Presenters Fleur Larsen and Jodi-Ann Burey, originally from Seattle and New York City respectively, will draw from their own lived experiences and invite attendees to do the same. We will identify how these regional norms impede addressing racial equity when people and institutions are not able to squarely name dynamics. White dominant culture is held together with the glue of passive aggressive communication norms here in the PNW making it really sticky to pull apart and identify racism in situations or conflicts. Together, we will name the ingredients needed to live into a better conversation and take racism head on.

    Ticket pricing is on a sliding scale. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds for this event. Contact [email protected] for more information.

    About Fleur Larsen:

    Fleur Larsen grew up in Seattle and learned how to relate to others based on the dominant identities she holds: white, protestant, working class, and socialized female. The norms of this region have a particular flavor of conflict aversion, indirectness and passive aggressiveness that are deeply ingrained in me from an early age. Unlearning these has been a HUGE place of personal and professional growth as she’s aimed herself at racial equity work.

    Fleur started facilitating 18 years ago on challenge course programs with youth and adults. Currently, she works with several companies utilizing challenge and experiential facilitation with corporate and nonprofit groups. People often learn better by doing. Experiential facilitation engages and activates more parts of the brain. Her style is based on sharp analysis, flexible thinking, fun, purpose and results. Her work is relationship-based with connection, collaboration, and community as integral elements to reach results.

    About Jodi-Ann Burey:

    Jodi-Ann Burey is the Senior Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at The Riveter, a membership workspace and community platform built by women, for everyone. She leads the development of a robust programming portfolio that powers The Riveter’s mission to redefine equity in the workplace. With a strong focus on intersectionality, Jodi-Ann works to ensure all women and their allies—inclusive of any gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexuality, ability, and child status - can leverage The Riveter to develop as impactful leaders in their businesses, networks, and the world.

    Jodi-Ann is also one of the founding members and co-chairs of the Seattle DEI Community of Practice (DEI CoP), an expansive network of professionals across industry committed to improving DEI practices at work. Jodi-Ann earned her Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan and her Bachelors in Communications from Boston College.