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Bumped Inc.

6420 SW Macadam Ave #150
Portland, OR 97239, United States (map)
Public WiFi

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  • Tuesday
    Sep 19 2017
    Portland ReasonML

    Bumped Inc.

    Monthly meeting for Portland ReasonML.

    Portland ReasonML is a group is for any software developer who is interested in learning about Reason, want to show off something they've done, or want to meet like-minded people.

    We will cover a variety of topics — from how to compile native apps, JavaScript compilation with BuckleScript, how to write a React or React Native app with ReasonML, how ReasonML relates to OCaml, all the way to Unikernels with MirageOS.

    Food and drink will be provided.

    If you're interested in presenting at this or at a future meetup, please email [email protected]