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Bit House Saloon

727 SE Grand Ave
Portland, OR 97214, United States (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Jan 10 2018
    Personal Telco Project Weekly Meeting with Municipal Fiber discussion

    Bit House Saloon

    Another discussion about what Muni Fiber looks like, and about how to make it happen, and progress on how it is happening. One downside of this venue is that I think it is 21+, so no minors this week. Sorry!

  • Wednesday
    Sep 27 2017
    Portland's Silicon Forest Networking Mixer

    Bit House Saloon

    Join Us For A Night Of Networking With Startup and Tech Professionals In Portland!

    Join the fastest growing startup and tech networking event in Portland! Meet new people and participate in lively discussions with outstanding names in the Silicon Forest startup community. Register immediately for an early bird ticket.

    Quick note: We encourage our attendees to bring cool company swag to our events, product samples, host demonstrations etc. Whatever you decide to bring or do, make it something people will enjoy! Most importantly, come to hang out and meet cool people.

    Details Discounted Drinks Great People Great Vibes Supporting Women Entrepreneurs (see below) Show Off Your Stuff\

    Please have a printed or mobile version of your ticket ready at the entrance.

    Tickets to this event sell out very quickly! Register asap.

    knw is a huge supporter of women in tech and entrepreneurship. If you're interested in helping us empower more women entrepreneurs and women in business stop by our event and let us know how you want to get involved. Please ask us about our Women's Entrepreneur Fund and empowerment project as well.

    Our mission at knw is to host fun and interactive startup and tech networking parties for the local community. Our events are cool, casual and designed for young entrepreneurs, tech professionals, and start-ups who don't want to feel like they are networking. Hanging out and socializing with the right people is how networking naturally happens and we work hard to create an environment that feels like a hangout and not a business event.

    Attendees are encouraged to come and show off their cool products and services in creative ways, we just ask that you don't come to our events just to push material on people. Figure out a cool way to present your stuff and most important of all, be comfortable hanging out and actually meeting people, trust us the business will come after building real friendships.

    Register now and we'll see you there!