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Uncorked Studios

811 Southeast Stark Street
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Aug 14 2019
    Crush Your Photography Game with Instagram, Lightroom, & Photoshop

    In this session, we'll cover tips and tricks to improve your photography game.

    Here's what we'll cover: 1. Camera Options - I'll bring my camera gear and we'll talk about Mirrorless, DSLR, Gimbals, Tripods, Phone cameras, 360, Snapchat Spectacles, and much more. You're welcome to bring your gear and show your stuff. 2. Talk types of photography and composition (Portraits, Landscapes, Events, Selfies, etc). 3. Enhancing/Filtering with Lightroom and Snapseed (mobile). 4. Editing with Photoshop. 5. Instagram Stories, formatting, tagging friends, hashtags. Becoming an influencer.

    The remaining time left for Q&A. This session will be aimed between beginner and advanced. Everyone is welcome to share and connect with new inspired artists.

  • Tuesday
    Jul 30 2019
    Breaking the Code: The Un-Hackathon Pitch Night

    Uncorked Studios

    Breaking the code -- The un-hackathon for a cause pitch night.

    Come hear a select group of area Community Based Organizations (CBOs) pitch their most pressing technology needs backed by real community demand. Connect with local resources to understand how you can get involved in being part of the local solution in sharing your expertise.

    More details: http://www.techoregon.org/events/breaking-code-un-hackathon-pitch-night

  • Wednesday
    May 8 2019
    Code For PDX BiWeekly Hack Night

    Uncorked Studios

    [ 5:30 - 6:00PM ] Arrive and check in to get your table assignment.

    When you first arrive, please look out for someone from Code For PDX who will be checking people in. If you already know which project you want to work on and have been to a meeting before, you will be checked in by name and sent to the correct table. If you are a newcomer or aren't sure which project you want to work on yet, you will be sent to the initiation area, where we will get you connected on Slack and Meetup and have information about each project to browse through. If you decide to join one of the groups or want to simply observe, just ask our check-in person and we will send you in the right direction.

    [ 6:15PM ] Check in with your assigned group.

    Once you have been assigned a group, you will check in with the project manager for that group and have some time to chat with others in the group or get a drink.

    [ 6:30PM ] Project Managers start group meetings.

    This is where the fun begins and the project managers will start to form a plan for each project with input from the members. We will work on projects until 8:45PM.

    [ 8:45PM ] Wrap Up w/ Project Managers.

    We will then discuss expectations for the next meeting and next steps for each project.

    [ 9:00PM ] Meeting ends.

  • Monday
    Apr 2 2018
    A conversation about PIE Shop, a startup accelerator for manufactured products

    Join Autodesk, PIE, and Uncorked Studios for an open discussion about PIE Shop, a new accelerator focused on startups with physical products and connected devices. The recently announced facility will be housed in the new Autodesk office in the Towne Storage Building in the Central Eastside Industrial District.

    Have questions? Thinking about applying? Swing by to chat with the folks collaborating to bring this idea to life in the coming months.

  • Wednesday
    Jan 27 2016
    Discover the stories in your data, democratically

    Uncorked Studios

    Information is for everyone. As full participants in the knowledge economy, access to information is a basic tenet that we all cherish, especially when it comes to increasing that access to help make better choices. The better informed we are, the better decisions we make. Today, IT and dev functions in companies are often the guardians that maintain, manage, collect, and tend to the vast amounts of information that is being generated as data.

    But what if we made it easier for all non-technical folks to understand data with intelligent, intuitive visualization tools? They would all have increased access to information! Our individual perspectives can bring about new insights where each team member stands to gain from finding their own perspective pattern in the data.

    Our goal is to democratize data, to put the data exploration and discovery into the hands of the many.

    In this event, we intend to fully involve the audience and have a personalized discussion on this novel new way to see the same data from different perspectives. What are the advantages? What are the challenges? How can the technical departments mitigate these challenges? These questions and more will be tackled. Speaker

    Vidya Spandana - Popily Vidya builds high-growth, high-impact startups that succeed ethically. She’s currently the chief growth officer at Popily. As a college undergraduate, Vidya co-founded DMV.org and turned it into a multi-million dollar business before turning 21. The company made the Inc. 5000 list, reporting 391% growth in three years. More recently Vidya worked with the White House as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, helping the Office of Science and Technology Policy with the mandate to leverage open data and partnerships to promote economic growth in the world’s poorest countries. She has delivered keynote talks at TEDxPDX 2015: Diversity of Thought and TechFestNorthWest. Vidya has been a mentor and advisor at various early-stage venture firms and startup accelerators such as TechStars, KickLabs and Astia. She is also a co-host of Partially Derivative, the popular data science podcast. For more information on Vidya’s work, please visit: vidyaspandana.com

    Event Details: Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 Time: 5:30-7:30 PM Location: Uncorked Studios Price: Members $25 | Nonmembers $45 *Tickets are limited for this event

  • Tuesday
    Aug 25 2015
    3D Modeling and Printing Workshop Series

    Uncorked Studios

    Sign up now, this event has a very limited number of spots! Registration for this event includes all three workshop sessions. You can register for the event via Eventbrite.

    Come to ChickTech’s 3D Printing workshop to get the skills you need to start making 3D models on your own! For three Tuesday evenings in a row, you will be led by an experienced design instructor and focus on building a basic skill set for 3D printing design. Best of all, you'll get to print each session’s project in one of five plastic colors to keep!

    Technology that will be used: Autodesk Fusion360 and 3D Printers

    The Instructor: 3D printing designer Mazuir Ross (Maz) Maz sculpted the 3D printed cow Veronin for Urban Farmer PDX! To learn more about the designer check out her website at mazuirross.com. She is also in partnership with Attero, who focuses on the hardware side of 3D printing. You can find information about Maz and Attero’s operation at mazandattero.xyz.

    Session 1, August 25th: Make a Custom Charm The first session will overview the basics needed for successfully designing 3D printing output, particularly FFF/FDM printing. In the lesson we will create a snap-on custom charm for beer bottles/wine glasses. The creation of the snap-on charm will focus on basics of sketching and creating geometry from sketches. You'll be able to put a word or name on the charm, or even make flowers and/or geometric shapes!

    Session 2, September 1st: Make a Trinket Box The second session is about modeling a trinket box with a lid. The session will focus on the combining/subtracting and/or intersecting of geometry for modeling. We'll also focus on the concept of fitting tolerances needed for CAM/CNC fabrication, particularly 3D printing.

    Session 3 September 8th: Make a Six-Panel Hinged Cube with Custom Panel Design In the third session, you'll model a 6-panel hinged cube, including learning how to create fitted hinges. You'll also get creative with the custom designs on each panel. This folding cube can be designed with a sports team logo, a company name, anything you want. It can also be made into a desk trinket to hold pencils/pens/stylus just by cutting out a hole on the top panel.

    By the end of this workshop series you'll have a comprehensive understanding of 3D printing, 3D modeling software, and 3D design.

    Part of ChickTech’s mission is to retain women in technology. We intend for this event to build community and add skills to resumes. We encourage anyone who has always wanted to get started with 3D Printing to register for this event!

    Dates: Aug 25, Sept 1, Sept 8 Time: 5:45pm-8pm (Doors open at 5:30pm and close at 8:30pm, we encourage you to come early and stay late!)


    Uncorked Studios 1001 SE Water Ave #350 Portland, OR 97214

    Registration pays for dinner for all three evenings, along with the class costs. Any amount left over supports ChickTech: High School.

    A big thank you to our sponsor and event location provider, Uncorked Studios!

    ChickTech: Career events are open to all genders with a focus on women.

  • Wednesday
    May 6 2015
    CodePen Meetup PDX

    Uncorked Studios

    Come join us at the Uncorked Studios office and hang out with other front-end and design folks for the first Portland CodePen Meetup. We'll start things up with a meet and greet and will be doing a show and tell afterwards.

  • Tuesday
    Mar 3 2015
    Tech Community Open House: PDC's 2015-2020 Strategic Plan

    Uncorked Studios

    The Portland Development Commission (PDC) is in the process of updating its Strategic Plan to set the agency’s course of action over the next five years and we’d like your input. Come learn about how this plan addresses Portland's economic future as it relates to the tech, design, and startup community.

    Join us for an open house to discuss the 50% Draft PDC Strategic Plan with PDC staff and the tech, design, & startup community.

  • Monday
    Feb 2 2015
    PDX Startup Week: Uncorked Studios Open House

    We are a product design agency born at P.I.E here in PDX. Many of our clients are startups, as are people we enjoy sharing office space with - Contagious, Ushahidi and more to come. Stop by for snacks from Olympic Provisions, adult beverages and to swap stories about all things startup.