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  • Monday
    Jul 21 2014
    Mozilla Science Lab Global Code Sprint

    Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint July 22-23


    The goals of this global two-day sprint on July 22-23 are to write and build useful things, and to strengthen ties within the open science community by giving people a chance to work together. Work will begin on the morning of Tuesday, July 22 in New Zealand and Australia. As they are starting to wind up for the day, their colleagues in Europe will come online as Tuesday arrives there. They will hand off to people in North and South America a few hours later, and around we'll go again. Sites will keep normal hours -- no all-nighters, please -- and each site will keep wrap up at the end of regular business hours on Wednesday, July 23, local time.

    What We'll Be Doing

    Anything related to teaching and doing open science is welcome to join the sprint -- the only requirements are that there be something concrete to start with (because experience shows that starting with a blank screen is a good way to spend two days going in circles), and that someone volunteer to coordinate the work.

    If you'd like to propose a project, please add it to the list, and mail us ([email protected]) so that we can help advertise it. Also, be sure to create a project page for it (here's our template: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/sciencelab-2014summersprint-template) . If you have any problems, let us know.

    Stuck on an idea? Don't worry - we'll have folks at each site that can help you find your way.