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The Sentinel (formerly The Governor Hotel)

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Apr 22 2015
    OEN’s Angel Oregon Spring 2015 Showcase

    OEN’s Angel Oregon Showcase is your opportunity to nurture breakthrough ideas, discover new markets, and make invaluable business connections. Join over 300 investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to get a sneak peek at Oregon’s most exciting up-and-coming companies!

    This fun, fast-paced event will feature pitches from 12 entrepreneurs, who are doing everything from unobtrusively monitoring the elderly, to redefining the cast iron frying pan, to pairing up college study buddies.

    You'll also hear from internationally acclaimed startup guru Ekaterina Walter, who will be delivering the keynote address. At the end of the day, we'll be announcing the winner of OEN's Angel Oregon Spring 2015 Investment Program. You'll get to see which of the three presenting finalists will walk away with the Big Check.

    Of course, securing investment is not the only way for an early-stage startup to fundraise—to that end, you'll also hear from Ryan Grepper of the 'Coolest' cooler and other local entrepreneurs who have launched and run massively successful crowdfunding campaigns.

  • Tuesday
    Jun 17 2014
    PDXfX June Event: Solutions Oriented Networking

    Portland Professional Women — Networking is a powerful part of how we achieve success, in both our businesses and our lives.

    At our Solutions Oriented Networking, you’ll be able to choose from and participate in three 20-minute round-table coaching sessions on a variety of topics designed to help you develop solutions to your most pressing challenges.

    From increasing your influence in business, to finding your personal brand and creating greater wealth, joy and success in your life—you’re sure to find a topic that resonates with you and can address your personal goals.

    Join Portland Female Executives next Tuesday, 5:30pm at The Sentinel hotel for our popular coach’s round-table! We have an amazing line-up of local coaches including:

    • Patti Keating: How to Find Your Money Spot: The Place Where Purpose and Passion Become Revenue Streams

    • Stacey Lane: Leveraging Your Personal Brand

    • Jennifer Powers: Oh, Shift! How to Change Your Life with a Little f’ in Shift

    • Kaya Singer: Secrets from the Grand Canyon: How to Step into Your Greatness and Make Positive Change

    • Mary Sommerset: Letting Go for Fun and Profit

    • Victoria Trabosh: Understanding and Tapping into your own Wisdom for Greater Wealth, Joy and Success

    • Vanessa Van Edwards: How to Increase Your Influence

    • Deniel Banks: Constructive Conflict Resolution

    Don’t miss out on this great event. Register today before space fills up! http://bit.ly/TBU6Gw

  • Tuesday
    Apr 15 2014
    Women in the Workplace: Have We Really Come a Long Way?

    Join Portland Female Executives for a dynamic presentation during which Lois Cohen will incorporate a lecture, group discussion, and personal goal-setting to help you take the next steps in your career. During the presentation, you’ll discover:

    • If ‘You’ve come a long way, baby’ holds true in the workplace today, and if not, why?
    • What a gender equitable workplace looks like
    • How to define your own individual goals and put together an action plan for positive change
    • How to help advance gender equity in your own workplace

    You’ll come away from the session with a more nuanced understanding of gender issues in the workplace, and your own action plan with practical steps you can take to advance your career while improving conditions for women in your field.

    Register online: http://bit.ly/1dcaeHH