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222 NW Fifth Ave
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Thursday
    Feb 20 2014
    Go Meetup: Brandon Philips of CoreOS on building etcd


    Brandon Philips will talk about etcd, a highly-available key/value store, and how it was built with and can be used from Go. He'll cover the basics of running an etcd cluster and the underlying consensus algorithm called raft.

    He'll also get into a practical use case for service discovery and shared configuration and wrap with how you can use etcd from your Go programs using go-etcd.

    About the Speaker

    Brandon Philips is helping to build modern Linux server infrastructure at CoreOS. Because of this, he was recently disowned by one of his Linux kernel friends for being "one of those weirdos on the other side of the syscalls".

    About the Meetup

    Lytics is happy to host as well as provide pizza and beer!

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  • Thursday
    Jan 30 2014
    Go Hack Night - Whispering Gophers III


    Once again Lytics is hosting a Go Hack Night where we'll be working collaboratively to extend the Whispering Gophers code lab from Google.

    The goal for this round is to experiment with cryptography while building upon our existing Whispering Gophers repository.

    Feel free to follow along online if you're unable to be here in person. We're always in #pdxgo on Freenode.

    Pizza and beer will be provided.

    Please RSVP on Plancast so we have an accurate headcount.

  • Wednesday
    Nov 20 2013
    Go Hack Night - Whispering Gophers II


    Lytics is proud to host a second Go Hack Night. We'll be continuing our theme of hacking on the Whispering Gophers codelab from Google as a group.

    Last time most people had a working implementation and there were a few interesting extensions.

    This time there will be a proper protocol spec with additional challenges to pursue as a group!

    Pizza and beer will be provided.

  • Thursday
    Oct 17 2013
    Go Hack Night


    Pizza, beer, and a Twitter dataset for hacking.

    Lytics.io is hosting a Go hack night. Not only will food and drink be provided, but a common dataset and goal to facilitate team hacking and a little friendly competition.