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Sheraton Portland Airport

8235 Northeast Airport Way
Portland, Oregon 97220, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Sunday
    Feb 17 2013
    Sheraton Portland Airport

    Calling all educators who want to improve their instructional practice with the effective integration of technology! We preach having students be active learners, so let's practice it here with a schedule that promotes active learning, reflection and collaboration. integratED offers a variety of experiences and opportunities: unconference, collaborate with vendor experts, reflect with peers, a two 2-hour sessions, two 3-hour workshops, and two keynotes. This is a BYOD conference and our sessions require facilitator device integration, so don’t miss out.

  • Friday
    Apr 13 2012
    Agilepalooza Portland

    AgilePalooza is a community event that brings together internationally recognized agile coaches and trainers with local software professionals. Attendees will learn about advancing agile methods through workshops and collaborative sessions.

    Use promo code V1Save50-C for 50% off. Only $35!

    Speakers include: Dr. Ahmed Sidky has a Ph.D. in value–based process frameworks for effective agile adoption. Ahmed’s work has gained popularity and respect in the agile community as a pragmatic approach for organizations of all sizes attempting to adopt agile. Diana Larsen Drawing on 15+ years of experience working with technical professionals, Diana is a pragmatic agile consultant with FutureWorks. Diana leads system-wide groups in collaborative thinking and planning, as well as guiding teams through project kick-offs, chartering and retrospectives. Dave Sharrock drives change within technology-driven organizations through the introduction of agile product development practices, using agile frameworks such as Scrum. And more!!

    For $69, attendees receive a full day of agile learning, lunch and the opportunity to participate in one of two tracks: Practicing Agile and Planning Agile. The Practicing Agile track is geared toward those interested in agile fundamentals and engineering practices and the Planning Agile track is for those planning and managing multiple teams and projects.

    Go here to learn more and register: http://www.agilepalooza.com/Portland2012/default.asp

  • Sunday
    Feb 19 2012
    Instructional Technology Strategies Conference
    Sheraton Portland Airport

    OETC would like to invite you to attend our annual Instructional Technology Strategies Conference.

    The Instructional Technology Strategies Conference is an opportunity for educators to think, explore, and develop strategies to enhance student achievement through the effective use of technology.

    The subject is technology in the classroom, but the focus is on you. ITSC is specifically designed to be an active learning conference. Participants come away from ITSC not with a high level overview, but specific strategies and increased opportunities for education-related connections. Whether you are a teacher looking to improve K-20 classroom instruction or an administrator looking to support technology in your school or district, you will come away from ITSC with solutions that can be implemented right away.

    Balancing tradition with 21st century innovation. We held on to the values that past attendees covet (active learning time in three-hour workshops, 90-minute sessions, two thought provoking keynotes, two vendor expert sessions, four quality meals and exhibit halls) and at the same time have added innovative opportunities (Unconference, Soiree of Slides, Schedule App that publishes in all platforms at once) to play and/or dive deep into the education questions that consume us.

    If you want to learn, question, create, and engage in meaningful, authentic professional development then our conference is the right opportunity for you!

    Please join us by registering at goo.gl/eiklr.