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Director Park

SW 9th Ave and SW Yamhill
Portland, Oregon 97205, US (map)

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  • Saturday
    Mar 23 2013
    Is The Web Ending?

    Director Park

    When PHP and MySQL can be programmed by anyone, who could start a new phenomenon like eBay or Craiglist? More importantly, who could be bothered to get behind it as a new user, with so many other things available?

    If Facebook's decline is not interrupted, how could Twitter or any variation of social media hope to fill the same connective role? Aren't things getting worse?

    This is a pattern of fragmentation, increasing and separating. The end of the mobile world has arrived as well, with new iPhones and Androids only enhancing their previous capabilities, unable to make any progress beyond superficial features.

    All that was fantasized to have at one's fingertips by AT&T commercials in the 1990's is already available, with videos, streaming, maps, and videoconferencing. What is left? Isn't technology over?

    Director Park has free wifi and seating is usually available.

  • Friday
    Feb 25 2011
    Stand with Wisconsin: An Injury to One is an Injury to All!

    Director Park

    People of Portland's tech community - please join in supporting bargaining rights of people who choose to be in unions.