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Second Story Interactive Studios

714 N Fremont St #200
Portland, Oregon 97227, US (map)

Since 1994, Second Story has conceptualized, designed, and developed interactive media experiences in diverse formats that enchant, inform, and entertain—pioneering ever more effective ways to inspire wonder and connect audiences to ideas and information.

Second Story is committed to nurturing and supporting the local creative and tech community. One way we do this is through hosting events for specific user groups and associations.

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Oct 3 2012
    CHIFOO: Location as an invisible interface ($5 for non-members)

    Location as an invisible interface

    Amber will be presenting an information-packed speech on her experiences with geolocation, GPS, location triggers, and non-visual augmented reality. Amber will cover the current players in the geolocation market, the location market itself, and why location is such a big deal. Topics such as real-time location sharing, geolocation triggers, geonotes, proximal notification and automatic checkins, and privacy and security will be discussed.

    About the Speaker Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist and user experience designer who focuses on mobile software, augmented reality and data visualization, and reducing the amount of time and space it takes for people to connect. Amber has been featured in Forbes, WIRED, and Time, and also founded Geoloqi.com, a private location sharing application, out of a frustration with existing social protocols around text messaging and wayfinding. Amber has spoken at conferences all around the world, including TED, and was featured in Fast Company 2010 as one of the Most Influential Women in Technology.

  • Wednesday
    Feb 15 2012
    Bring Your own Kinect

    Second Story is hosting the first Volumetric Society meetup in Portland.

    Anybody interested or working Kinect based experience is invited to attend. The majority of the evening is open for attendees to share their experiences with Kinect

    Second Story will share our approach to many of the Kinect and Xtion powered interactives at the World of Coca Cola (http://vimeo.com/34592058) including: multiple (depth camera) sensor fusion, camera calibration techniques, real time point cloud meshing etc...

    This event is hosted in the Second Story medialab, during this event we will have multiple Kinect based experience running and will also be showing a 3D volumetric display courtesy of our friends at Juliet Zulu.

  • Tuesday
    Mar 29 2011
    Flash PDX: GPU Accelerated Flash

    This session will take an in-depth look at hardware acceleration in Flash. We'll go over when and how to apply it to speed up your Flash Player 9 and 10 projects, and what you'll be able to do with it in Flash Player 11 with the "Molehill" SDK, Pixel Bender 3D, and Away3D 4.

    Doors open at 6:30. Presentation will start at 7pm.

    Stephen Schieberl is Senior Developer at Fashionbuddha. His web and exhibit work has been featured and recognized by Communication Arts, HOW Magazine, CreativeApplications.net, WebVisions, and more.

    http://bandtherewind.com/ http://fashionbuddha.com/

  • Thursday
    Feb 3 2011
    FlashPDX Usergroup meetup

    Second Story is hosting the February meeting of the Flash Usergroup

    Learning How to Use OSMF, Strobe Media Playback, and Flash Media Playback for Your Video Projects


    Address: Second Story 714 N Fremont St # 200 Portland, OR 97227 http://secondstory.com

  • Wednesday
    Feb 2 2011
    Moving Targets - short films from the design world

    Second Story is hosting a program of short films made by designers, collaborative teams and design studios. Defined by non-commercial or self-initiated work, the collection features experimental films, music videos, interstitials, non-fiction pieces, autobiographies, trailers, PSAs, and motion-based infographics. This is a bright, kaleidoscopic, inspiring collection of short films and—while a myriad of techniques are employed—each and every selection exudes a love for creativity and design.

    The program features work by: MK12, Jeff Scher, Tomorrow Partners, Mark Owens, Everynone, Secondary School, Jiaren Hui, Bran Dougherty-Johnson, PSST! Pass It On, Chris Lael Larson, goodfocus, Alex Cornell, 3 Legged Legs, Nadia Tzuo, Joe Hollier, Andrew Sloat, Rob Tyler, Feel Good Anyway…plus a few surprises!

    Program curated by Second Story Interactive Studios in collaboration with AIGA.