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Breken Kitchen

1800 NW 16th Ave
Portland, Oregon, United States (map)
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  • Thursday
    Feb 25 2010
    PDX Tweetup Breakfast - The Elvis, Evolved.

    Breken Kitchen

    I could say that we're going there because it's right next to little c's school, and thus incredibly easy for me to reach. I could cite the fact that they have bacon-cheddar biscuits AND corn/bacon muffins on a regular (dare I say constant) basis. I could mention the other lovely pastries. Or I could point out that, as the replacement to the beloved Sydney's cafe, the place is the only waystation for web workers for miles around.

    But none of that matters. Here's why we're going: "Grilled peanut butter and honey with sliced bananas on sourdough." Om nom nom nom.

    As always, buy your own breakfast and join us at the big table in the middle of the place (or the banquette if we can jam enough tables together).