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Morton's Steakhouse

213 SW Clay Street
Portland, Oregon 97201, US (map)

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  • Tuesday
    Mar 6 2012
    HR Forum: Company Culture Matters - BIG TIME!

    Morton's Steakhouse

    Companies with well-aligned cultures are 6x more successful. The key isn’t that there is one right culture but rather that everyone is pulling in the same direction. Join us for a dinner forum and hear how transforming a culture can maximize performance.

    Martha Stuckey from Autodesk will share how they transformed their performance management practices and self-service model to enhance their culture and increase their engagement.

    Tim Wolters, the founder of RoundPegg, will share how management and organizational design research, along with psychological practices can help you get more out of every single employee. The research is clear, those who fit the culture stay longer and are more committed to the organization.

    Special Guests: Martha Stuckey, HR Director, Autodesk Martha Stuckey, SPHR, is a Human Resources leader with over 25 years experience in the profession. Martha’s career has been with large global companies including Nike Inc., Alexander & Alexander Inc., and May Department Stores. Martha is skilled in partnering with executive and senior leaders to achieve business results, as well as executive coaching in a “trusted advisor” role. Martha’s particular expertise is global HR management; she has extensive experience managing global HR teams including an expatriate assignment in Hong Kong.

    Tim Wolters An inventor and serial entrepreneur from Boulder, Colorado. He is a well-known industry thought leader in the area of using statistical modeling to extract knowledge from unstructured data sources. His work pioneered the use of advanced analytical non-linear correlation models in building business applications.

    Event Details: When: Tuesday, March 6 2012 Time: 5:30 – 8:30 PM (5:30 – networking reception, 6:15 – dinner and discussion) Where: Morton’s The Steakhouse, 213 SW Clay Street, Portland, OR Fees: $95 TechAmerica Members, $120 Nonmember Technology Companies To Register: TechAmerica Oregon, 53-624-4871

    Thank you Radford for Sponsoring!

  • Wednesday
    Jan 18 2012
    Executive Forum: The Jive Software Story - IPO Style

    Morton's Steakhouse

    Please join your technology peers on January 18th for a very special dinner forum and celebration of The Jive Software Story – IPO Style.

    Bryan LeBlanc, Chief Financial Officer, Jive Software, will provide a candid perspective regarding what it was like to navigate the current IPO landscape. He will share how Jive’s team was able to beat the odds and take Jive to the NASDAQ trading floor during one of the worst economic times in history. This will be an open dialog among peers so come prepared with questions.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to help celebrate Jive Software – one of the area’s most talked about companies!

    Event Details: When: Wednesday, January 18, 2011 Time: 5:30 – 8:30 PM Where: Morton’s The Steakhouse, 213 SW Clay St., Portland, OR 97201 Fees: $95 Members, $120 Nonmembers To Register: TechAmerica Oregon, (503) 624-4871

    Thank you Perkins Coie LLP and ViaWest for sponsoring!

  • Tuesday
    Nov 15 2011
    Systems Strategy Update

    Morton's Steakhouse

    Join us for an exclusive technology briefing on Oracle’s unique vision for simplifying IT. See how Oracle's engineered systems and storage bring this unique vision to life today. Hear first-hand how Oracle’s ongoing investment in innovation across the technology stack is creating new opportunities for your business. You’ll learn about the latest Oracle announcements:

    New Engineered Systems to keep Exadata & Exalogic company

    SPARC SuperCluster -- consolidate your Oracle and/or third party software on Oracle's first general purpose engineered system built on a new generation of high-performance Oracle SPARC servers. Oracle Database Appliance -- highly available Oracle database that is simple to deploy and manage from the factory with integrated hardware and software. Oracle Exalytics -- an appliance for better decision making that leverages Oracle's Business Intelligence software in an optimized, ready to deploy, integration of hardware and software. Oracle Big Data -- extract business information from substantial amounts of unstructured data using an integrated hardware and software appliance, including Oracle NoSQL database and Oracle Hadoop software. Oracle Solaris 11 -- enhanced availability, complete, built-in virtualization, unified software administration, additional security and improved data management.
    Oracle's Storage for managing all of your data assets

    Oracle's 3rd generation Sun ZFS Storage Appliances -- deliver best-in-class performance, efficiency, and Oracle software integration
    Pillar Axiom 600 Storage Family -- enables Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) in a box. This SAN based block storage array distinguishes itself with its unique engineered-in Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities. Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression (EHCC) -- a unique Oracle differentiator that dramatically reduces capital expenditure on disk capacity. Available on Oracle's Exadata or any server running Oracle 11gR2 and attached to the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance or the Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c manages the cloud lifecycle

    Oracle EM 12c with Ops Center delivers the industry’s first complete cloud lifecycle management solution. With Ops Center, Oracle EM 12c provides solutions to centralize and automate discovery, provisioning, updating and monitoring of physical and virtual systems.

  • Tuesday
    Oct 11 2011
    Executive Forum: The Tripwire Story with Jim Johnson

    Morton's Steakhouse

    Please join other technology executives on October 11th for a very special dinner forum where Jim Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Tripwire, Inc., will openly discuss The Tripwire Story including the recent transaction with Thomo Bravo LLC. He will cover what prompted them to go the private equity route versus the public market or strategic acquirer options and the process it took to get there.

    Topics will also include: - Board dynamics - VCs vs. Independents - Management team involvement - Managing the bankers - Selection Process and Interpreting recommendations - Ultimate decision - Primary drivers leading to accepting the PE offer

    This will be an open dialog among peers on a timely topic so come prepared with questions.

    Event Details: When: Thursday, October 11, 2011 Time: 5:30 – 8:30 PM Where: Morton’s The Steakhouse, 213 Clay Street, Portland, OR 97201 Fees: $95 Members, $120 Nonmembers To Register: 503-324-5715

    Thank you CresaPartners and Silcon Valley Bank for sponsoring!

  • Thursday
    Mar 10 2011
    CFO Forum: Investor Rights with David Nierenberg

    Morton's Steakhouse

    Investor Rights with David Nierenberg Comments from a skeptical practitioner in the real world of corporate governance and performance

    Please join your peers for a dinner and forum discussion on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at Morton’s Steakhouse where we will discuss Investor Rights with our special guest, David Nierenberg. David is founder and President of Nierenberg Investment Management Company. The company invests in a concentrated portfolio of undervalued public micro-cap companies, where they build large ownership stakes and work collaboratively with management teams and boards to help close the gap between the companies’ market and intrinsic value.

    David will talk candidly about his experiences as a significant shareholder. He will discuss proxy advisory services which presume to tell you what good corporate governance is. Should you do what they recommend or should you do something else to maximize stakeholder value?

    Please join us for this interesting and timely discussion on investor’s rights.

    Event Details: When: Thursday, March 10, 2011 Time: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM Where: Morton’s The Steakhouse, 213 SW Clay St., Portland, OR 97201

    Thank you CresaPartners, KPMG LLP and Silicon Valley Bank for sponsoring this event!

  • Tuesday
    Dec 7 2010
    CTO & Engineering Executive Forum: Social Media Inside the Engineering Department – Is it safe?

    Morton's Steakhouse

    At the October 20th Technology and IP Event, Fostering Innovation Through Social Media: Using it Openly But Wisely, speakers will present how organizations are using social media to drive innovation from a business development perspective. At the November 2nd CTO and Engineering Executive Forum we will continue to explore what social media looks like on the inside of an organization, specifically in the engineering department.

    We know that social media has proven effective in outbound marketing strategies, but is the creation and exchange of user-generated content safe in an environment of innovation and trade secrets? Do you protect against social media? Do you cultivate social media? Or both?

    Join your peers for dinner and a forum discussion of the possibilities for creating a culture of innovation by using social media.

    Cost to Attend: $95 TechAmerica Members, $125 Nonmembers To Register: TechAmerica, (503) 624-4871

    Mark Your Calendar - Future CTO & Engineering Executive Forum: - April 5, 2011

  • Tuesday
    Oct 13 2009
    TechAmerica: CTO & Engineering Executive Forum: Reinvention and the Role of the Engineering Executive

    Morton's Steakhouse

    How are you and your company going to come out of this recession? What has changed during the past two years? Where are things headed for your business? Companies are reinventing themselves in a variety of ways - through diversification of products and markets; by shifting more manufacturing and sourcing to Asia; by hiring or contracting for staff whose skills weren’t even mentioned in job descriptions at the turn of the century (10 years ago!) With all of this change, what’s happening to the engineering jobs in Portland, and how does the role of the Engineering Executive need to change and adapt?

    This dinner forum is available to CTO and Engineering Executives from member and nonmember companies.

    Thank you Marger Johnson & McCollom PC for sponsoring this event.

  • Tuesday
    Feb 17 2009
    AeA: Tech Strategies when Preparing for Acquisition

    Morton's Steakhouse

    CTO and Engineering Executive Forum Date: Feb 17, 2009

    Technology Strategies when Preparing for an Acquisition...or Regrouping for the Long Haul

    These events are an excellent way to network with peers and hear a variety of perspectives on topics relevant to the technology and engineering profession. CTO Forum events are designed for CTOs and Engineering Executives.