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  • Tuesday
    May 23 2023
    Changemaker Channel: Asia Wisecarver, Executive Director of Playworks PACNW

    Virtual (Zoom)

    ​Play is a universal language that all kids understand — and it's one of the most important ways they can learn the social and emotional skills they'll use in the classroom, in life, and into adulthood.

    ​No one knows the power of play better than Asia Wisecarver, Executive Director of Playworks PACNW — a nonprofit working with schools to support healthy and inclusive play for all kids across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska.

    ​Join us for this live fireside chat with Asia to learn about:

    • ​The power of play — for kids and adults
    • ​Why leveraging play requires a system change in schools
    • ​Playworks PACNW's innovative nonprofit model that supports partnerships across four vast states

    ​Bring your questions for a Q&A!

    ​Not sure if you can make it? Register anyway — we'll share a recording.

    About Changemaker Channel

    ​In this series, we interview leaders of nonprofits on Field Day to learn about issues impacting our community, the work they're doing to address them, and how we all can get involved.

    ​This event series is free, virtual, and open to everyone. Watch past events at heyfieldday.com/events.

  • Thursday
    Feb 16 2023
    Changemaker Channel: Buchi Asemota, Executive Director of Our Streets

    Virtual (Zoom)

    This event is free, open to the public, and hosted by Field Day on Zoom.

    Our Streets brings people together to respond to the needs of the community and change the dynamic of living, primarily serving people experiencing housing and food insecurity. With a true grassroots origin, the nonprofit began with a group of friends who observed the needs of their community and were inspired to take action in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Propelled by community momentum, the nonprofit has grown quickly – they’re now supplying over 600 meals to six shelters per day with 30 staff members and a permanent kitchen (plus a second opening soon).

    In this Changemaker Channel, join us for a fireside chat with Buchi Asemota, Executive Director of Our Streets, that’ll leave you feeling empowered to make a change within your community.

    What we’ll cover:

    • Our Streets’ grassroots beginnings
    • What it means to work in alignment with the values of the BLM movement
    • Their exponential growth of operations (and why they dropped “PDX” from their name)
    • Questions from the audience

    About Changemaker Channel: In this series of virtual fireside chats with leaders of nonprofits on Field Day, a community engagement platform and Portland-based startup.