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1110 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR, 97205 or Zoom

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  • Saturday
    Feb 4 2023
    PDX.rb OS Hackathon

    Come work alongside your PDX.rb community as we make contributions to 2 projects maintained and led by our members.

    This a fantastic opportunity to get involved in OS if you haven't before. Project maintainers will have scoped tickets to guide work and be present to answer questions.

    This is also a fantastic opportunity to mentor and give back.

    Bring a laptop

    The goal of this hackathon is to support and uplift one another as a community. We are focusing on two projects that are maintained by community members for this hackathon. We may focus on ruby for good projects in future but this was such a lovely opportunity for us to come together as a community <3

    Projects we are Supporting:

    Bridgetown: A next-generation progressive site generator & fullstack framework, powered by Ruby Repo: https://github.com/bridgetownrb/bridgetown

    RailsDevs: A reverse job board for Rails developers Repo: https://github.com/joemasilotti/railsdevs.com

    This is a hybrid event. If you can join us in person, we would love to see you. If you are joining from outside Portland or if you have any health concerns, this event is specifically designed for a positive zoom experience as well as in person experience.