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  • Tuesday
    Feb 8 2022
    Startup Accelerators 🚀 AMA

    Twitter Spaces

    Hosted by Rick Turoczy (@turoczy), cofounder and general manager of PIE, who has been working in, on, and around startup accelerators for more than a decade.

    Join us for a Twitter Spaces gathering to get your questions answered, to share your experiences from startup accelerators, or to simply try out Twitter Spaces.


  • Thursday
    Mar 25 2021
    Have you heard about this startup…?

    Twitter Spaces

    I (https://twitter.com/turoczy) have been looking for an excuse to user Twitter Spaces, the audio only Clubhouse competitor. And an idea dawned on my that was basically an audio version of Silicon Florist. What if I held a Spaces event where founders got to pitch their startup or startup concept to an audience?

    We've had a number of amazing founders sign up to participate. Now, we need an audience to listen to their pitches. Won't you please join us?

    If you’ve got a startup to pitch at a future event — it doesn’t have to be tech — please sign up. We'll ask you to deliver a three minute pitch on your company. And then I may ask you a couple of follow up questions, but we won’t open it up to a full Q&A. So it should be a safe space. That means, even if you haven’t perfected your pitch, it’s a good environment to practice.