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  • Friday
    Sep 18 2020
    Why it's Hard to Get a Job in Today's Climate - And What To Do About it

    About The Speaker:

    Erik has been working in technology since the 1980s. As a nuclear reactor operator and teacher in the Navy, he mastered a multitude of technologies. His years of experience as a senior-level software developer were key to the development of The Tech Academy’s boot camps. As Co-Founder of The Tech Academy, Erik assists in curriculum oversight and public relations.

    In addition to his work for The Tech Academy, Erik has continued to program professionally and stays very abreast of developments in the tech industry.

    About The Talk:

    You may have recently experienced putting out volumes of applications and not hearing back or not getting the job.

    Maybe you’ve heard that companies aren't hiring right now because of COVID.

    Or perhaps this: Networking is too hard because meetups are online.

    Is it possible to land a tech job in today’s climate? And if so... how?

    All of these questions and more will be answered this talk. Join us and find out what’s really going on in today’s job market and what to do about it.