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Integral Concepts, Inc.

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  • Saturday
    Feb 29 2020
    Online Statistical Process Control (SPC) Training - 3 Days

    Online Statistical Process Control (SPC) training curriculum provides participants with the analytical tools & methods necessary to plan & conduct experiments.

    The objective of the Statistical Process Control Training (SPC)/Process Capability curriculum is to provide participants with the analytical tools and methods necessary to:

    Understand SPC fundamentals and the importance of reducing variation Implement control charting in order to assess process stability Interpret control chart signals and implement appropriate reaction plans Determine appropriate sampling plans and sample sizes Assess process capability training (for normal and non-normal data) Apply charting techniques for short production runs Apply charting methods where multiple sources of variation may exist (e.g. multiple cavities, filling heads) Apply SPC for naturally trending data (e.g. due to tool wear) Determine the appropriate type of chart for a given process Avoid common misapplications of SPC in practice