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225 SW Broadway

225 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97205 (map)

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  • Wednesday
    Jan 8 2020
    Double Header: Migrating Legacy Apps and Accelerating Development with Vuetify

    225 SW Broadway

    Converting a Legacy Swing-based Application to the Web

    The goal: convert a 20-year-old legacy Swing- and Java-based fat client application to the web. The constraint: insufficient time and budget to do it in one step. The solution: incrementally evolve the application by rewriting one UI (of several) in Vue and embedding that UI within the Swing environment via the JxBrowser Chrome-based browser utility.

    Mark Linehan has multiple decades of software development experience in many different programming languages, principally with IBM. He currently does both front-end development in Vue and JavaScript, and back-end work in Java. The project described here is continuing at Daimler Trucks North America.

    Accelerating Application Development with the Vuetify Component Library

    This talk will give you an overview of the Vuetify component library and how it can free developers from coding simple web and form components so they can focus on application logic.

    Michael's work in technology spans more than 30 years, two continents, and many different disciplines, from development to marketing. Although most of his work involves full stack development, his current position focuses on front end web and email for Yes Marketing, an email-centered agency. Personal projects include a stable of travel-related web sites, and these provide a test bed for new skills and technology. The prototype app he will present today is part of his effort to expand his skill set with Vue.js

    Schedule: 6:00pm Doors Open 6:30pm "Converting a Legacy Swing-based Application to the Web" 7:00pm A short break 7:10pm "Accelerating Application Development with the Vuetify Component Library" 7:40pm Post-event Mingling