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1900 SW 4th avenue, Portland Oregon 97201

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  • Saturday
    Oct 12 2019
    CAT barcamp

    CAT BarCamp is a free unconference hosted by the Computer Action Team at Portland State University every year. BarCamps are free conferences where the people who show up on the day of decide what the conference is about. No scheduled talks are planned beforehand by the organizers, making the range of talks and topics covered each year entirely unique. Timeslots are posted in an accessible place and the attendants are given (fairly) free reign to post and choose which talks they would like to attend or give. We only ask that topics be respectful and PG-rated. The CAT at PSU is an ops training organization that has secured the venue and is organizing the event. We expect many job-hungry students skilled in development, computer science, operations, and everything else to be in attendance at this event and we want to enable as many connections as possible. Because the CAT is a tech organization and has ties to the larger tech community, many speakers will likely give tech-oriented talks.