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Nightwood Society

2218 NE Broadway St
Portland, Or 97232, USA (map)

The Nightwood is a collaboration of women passionate about kicking the status quo to the curb. We are farmers, butchers, and creatives banding together to produce extraordinary experiences around food and wine.

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Past events that happened here

  • Friday
    Nov 16 2018
    Failing Fast for Women

    Nightwood Society

    The workshop, Failing Fast for Women, explores the relationship between gender socialization, avoidance of risk taking, and the internalization of failure. It provides a number of skills and strategies to increase risk taking and avoid personalizing failure, and is suitable for all female-identified folks.

    The event is on November 16th from 9 to 5 at the Nightwood Society. It’s created and hosted by the Alveare Collective, a community of professional women in Portland who are working to rethink risk-taking in the workplace and personal realms.. I have ten reduced price tickets available. The reduced cost is $97 and includes all-day catering.

    To register, go to https://guestli.st/572295 and then select "Early Bird non-profit/academic/independent" and then enter promo code Nov16.