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850 Northwest 13th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

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  • Wednesday
    Dec 18 2019
    Jr Dev Meetup w speaker Marisa Morby- Designing for people: Research, design, & tech to build smarter cities


    Follow us on Twitter @pdx_jr_devs or message [email protected] to be notified about upcoming events. Join us at our monthly meetup for junior developers! We alternate monthly between Happy Hours (at Blackbird Pizza) and Speakers (hosted at Vacasa). For more details about upcoming and past gatherings, check out http://www.meetup.com/Portland-JR-DEVELOPER-Meetup/.

  • Tuesday
    Dec 10 2019
    Good Glia: The increasing understanding of glial importance in brain function


    Interested in learning more about the emerging understanding of glia in the brain? Dr. Kelly Monk, co-director of the Vollum Institute at OHSU will be sharing her research and highlighting the many functions glia are responsible, many of which are new discoveries.

  • Tuesday
    Oct 15 2019
    At-Rest Encryption for Complete Data Protection


    Join us for pizza and learning with the fabulous PHP Community! Doors open at 6, presentation 6:30-7:30 and join us for drinks or chatting after.

    This month Vacasa's own Eric Mann shares At-Rest Encryption for Complete Data Protection

    Many developers using hosted database solutions like Amazon RDS or Microsoft Azure are familiar with the “encrypt at rest” checkbox provided by their host. This will provide a modicum of security, but only defends your data against a narrow set of potential threats. Instead, we’ll discuss both the threats this feature does and does not protect against and some practical approaches to handling the uncovered edge cases. Attendees will learn how their application can both encrypt and decrypt data before communicating with an external data store for complete data protection.

  • Saturday
    Aug 24 2019
    Women Who Code Portland - Resume Review and Salary Negotiation Workshop


    Women Who Code Portland is hosting a Resume Review & Salary Negotiation workshop. The goal of this workshop is to provide people with the opportunity to have their resumes reviewed by recruiters from local companies and hear from members in our community about their experiences negotiating their salaries. This event is geared towards helping women, but we welcome everyone who supports our mission of inspiring women to excel in technology careers and follows our code of conduct.


    The event cost is $12 for participants and includes lunch. Scholarships: If you are a student, under-employed, or in need of financial assistance, we have full scholarships available for this event. Please submit an application here.

    There will be no refunds for this event. If you cannot attend, you can email us to transfer the ticket to another attendee, or we can add it to our scholarship pool.


    • 9:30 - Doors Open, Introductions & Welcome note by WWCode
    • 10:00 - Salary Negotiation Panel
    • 11:00 - Jarvis Sam talk: In the Know - Demystifying Resume Writing and Interviewing
    • 12:00 - Lunch
    • 1:00 - Breakout sessions for resume review with recruiters
    • 4:30 - Finish


    By coming to this event, you are agreeing to follow our Code of Conduct. Read the full version


    WWCode is an inclusive community, dedicated to providing an empowering experience for everyone who participates in or supports our community, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, socioeconomic status, caste or creed. Our events are intended to inspire women to excel in technology careers, and anyone who is there for this purpose is welcome. We do not tolerate harassment of members in any form.

    Our Code of Conduct applies to all WWCode events and online communities.

    If you would like to report an incident, please reach out to one of our volunteers or submit an incident report form.

  • Tuesday
    Jul 9 2019
    Synapsistic Neuroscience: How does evolution explain suicide?


    Suicide is an evolutionary puzzle. Most theorists reasonably assume that suicide is a pathology or an unfortunate byproduct of one or several adaptations, but evolutionary theorists also recognize that increasing fitness can entail risks or come at the expense of survival. The bargaining model of suicidal behavior frames non-lethal attempts, which far outnumber completions, as costly signals of need in the face of severe fitness threats. Kristen and her colleagues tested this and other evolutionary models using data from 53 unique cultures. Forced or thwarted marriages, social condemnation, and the victim having committed a transgression were common precursors to lethal and non-lethal suicidal behavior. She will discuss the social conditions that commonly lead to suicidal behavior and how evolutionary theory can help make sense of the tragedy of self-inflicted death.

  • Tuesday
    Jun 11 2019
    Synapsistic Neuroscience: Why do drugs affect people differently?


    At our next meetup on June 11, Dr. John Harkness, a neuroscientist, will share insights on genetic predictors of drug preference, epigenetic responses to drug use, and neural mechanism of drug memory.

    Note that we're in the new Vacasa building this month, located one block south of our old side, on Lovejoy between Johnson and Kearney. We need a volunteer to let people into the building, please let me know if you can help.

    Please RSVP!


  • Tuesday
    Feb 26 2019
    Portland OWASP Chapter Meeting - Building a Security Program From Nothing with Kendra Ash


    Companies are starting to build security programs with no prior experience as awareness about cyber threats increases. Often this is at a later stage when the company has a fully staffed engineering team and accumulated security debt. This talk is about how to build a security program from nothing using stakeholder analysis and risk assessments to help prioritize remediation efforts and avoid getting overwhelmed. A healthy and effective security program relies on building relationships throughout the company, enlisting security champions, and leveraging tooling and automation as effectively as possible. Kendra Ash will be sharing some of the lessons learned on our journey building a security program from scratch over the last several months.

    Kendra Ash (@securelykash) is an information security engineer at Vacasa, actively building a security team and program by leveraging guidance from her network and industry standards.

  • Monday
    Jan 28 2019
    Jr Developer and pdxFLIT 2019 Kickoff!


    We're kicking off the new year by cohosting a meetup with the PDXFLIT (Future Leaders in Tech) group. Join us on January 28th for a night of networking, mingling, and education as we host talks by two of the best speakers that the Portland tech scene has to offer. Perry Eising and Jason Lengstorf will be giving talks related to conquering imposter syndrome and getting starting in the tech industry.

    Jason is a developer advocate at Gatsby, and Perry is a community developer at Netlify and previously helped educate the next generation of developers as the faculty lead at Epicodus.

    Doors will be open at 5:30 PM and talks will start at 6. We encourage you to show up early to give ample time for networking, conversation, and refreshments. We will have this space until 8 PM.

    This month, refreshments will be provided courtesy of Thinkful. Thinkful is an online coding bootcamp that is helping the next generation of software developers transition into the tech industry. They host a variety of events in Portland and are always accepting new students. If you're interested in learning more, be sure to check out their site at https://www.thinkful.com/.

    We kindly ask that you abide by the following Code of Conduct when attending this event: https://www.meetup.com/pdxFLIT-Portland-Future-Leaders-In-Tech/photos/28737494/471776346/

  • Wednesday
    Nov 7 2018
    Developing Tomorrow's Managers


    Join us the afternoon of November 7th for a session that will help guide stellar individual contributors who now find themselves leading a team of peers. As our tech community thrives and grows at lightning speed, keeping talent happy and giving them development opportunities is an important way to stay above the hiring competition. As individual employs excel, promotions are an obvious next step, but what happens when you promote a high performing individual contributor to lead a team without the tools to manage?

    Tech Leaders - give your high performers more than a raise and title change and encourage their attendance at this event where they can chat among peers and thought leaders as they venture into the new (to them) realm of management. Consider attending yourself as well to guide your future staff promotions with the tools they need to succeed.

    New or Developing Managers - join us for this session and a chance to network with others who are moving through similar pain points of the individual contributor who is now the team lead. Our suggested topics will evolve based on attendee feedback, so please leave comments on areas you’d like to discuss at this event upon registering.

    Sample discussions planned for this session:

    --fielding personality conflicts within teams dealing with difficult conversations among employees -managing your manager -shifting your development focus from product to people

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