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4000 SE Rood Bridge Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97123

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  • Saturday
    Sep 8 2018
    Who Wants To Yearn For The Vast and Endless Sea?

    Who would like to try floating on a DIY boat at Rood Bridge Park? Don't worry it's been tested. We'll have a fun experience at the Rood Bridge Park.

    Hong will show how it behaves when it is in the water, and you can try it on the river at Rood Bridge Park. Hong will talk about how you can make the boat in 4 hours and costs as low as $85. Most people has the simple tools to make it at home (hair driver, ruler).

    Here is a video Hong as made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoE5nxQ8CEQ&feature=youtu.be

    Life jackets provide (we'll have a disclosure for you).

    If you want to watch us live, We re on Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/KnowledgeMavens/.

    Do you want to learn and share your passion in a supportive community? Knowledge Mavens is an ethos of sharing, creativity, and inspiration.

    Our Meetup provides an opportunity to "Show and Tell" followed by a feedback and Q&A. You'll have the opportunity to share with our channels such as Meetup, GitHub, YouTube, and Facebook to connect with more passionate people.

    The second half of our session we'll collaborate on new topics. The winner wins an award for the most interesting topic and the opportunity to share in an upcoming session.