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Scottie’s Pizza Parlor

2128 Southeast Division Street
Portland, Oregon 97202, US (map)


Pizza originated as the food of the people. A simple meal of fresh baked bread topped with seasonal ingredients, a slice would cost a fraction of a cent on the streets of Naples. Hundreds of years after its inception, pizza is without a doubt one of the most popular foods in the world.

Our intention is to make delicious, well-crafted pizza affordable to all, while ensuring that those who work to put food on your plate can still afford to feed themselves and their families. This is why all our workers earn at least $15 per hour, and why we have a pay-it-forward system that ensures no one leaves here hungry.

Just like pizza, paying it forward also has Neapolitan origins. A tradition that dates back to the hard economic times during WWII, it began with people buying their morning coffee, but paying for two so that someone else could enjoy a coffee even if they couldn't afford it. The idea has since spread worldwide, and we believe there's no reason it can't work with a slice of pizza instead of coffee.

We also just love making pies, listening to music, and talking about ninja turtles.

Scottie's Pizza Parlor is a place where anyone is welcome to grab a slice, have a beer, play some pacman, jam out with us under our disco ball, bring the family, crush a whole pie by yourself, or just hang out at the counter and watch the pizzamaking action!

See you at the pizza party!

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Past events that happened here

  • Thursday
    Apr 26 2018
    BSD Pizza Night
    pizza beer

    A meeting of folks interested in Copy Free licenses, primarily BSD operating systems. We get together eat pizza, drink beer, and talk about what interesting things have been going on.