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K&L Gates 1 SW Columbia Street

1 SW Columbia Street
Portland, OR 97258 (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Apr 10 2024
    Founders Roundtable and Happy Hour Networking

    If you are a B2B Founder, this event is for you. Feeling isolated or alone? Hear from other Founders (from Seed to Series C) and gain valuable insights, strategies, thoughts, and concerns during these times of economic uncertainty. This will be a no holds barred, authentic, open-conversation in a roundtable format.

    ​​Followed immediately with an audience Q&A.

    Sponsored by K&L Gates, J.P. Morgan, Mucker Capital and LeadrPro

    ​Founder Roundtable Participants

    Darius Monsef, Brave Care (Series B, $25MM) Mat Ellis, Sixty AI (Seed, $3.5MM) Fahti Khosrow, Ceek Women’s Health (Seed, $3.7MM) Henry Shapiro, Reclaim.ai (Seed, $13.4MM raised) Amina Moreau, Radious.pro (undisclosed) Jelani Memory, A Kids Co (Series A, $8MM)

    plus special guests...

    ​​To nominate a founder, email [email protected]

    Moderated by Chris Sheng: Advisor at Mucker Capital, CEO at LeadrPro, and Host of PodSaas

    We'll cover such relevant topics as:

    ​​founder war stories ​raising capital growth during a recession ​culture and teams during times of uncertainty ​what's in store for 2024

    About the companies:

    Radious is an online marketplace that transforms houses, apartments, and other residential properties into collaborative workspaces that companies rent by the day. Brave Care is Walk-in Pediatric Urgent Care Sixty AI highlights what needs your attention and magically manages the rest. Reclaim.ai is an AI-powered smart calendar assistant used by over 37,000 companies across the globe, empowering individuals, teams, and enterprises to automatically align their time to their most important priorities. Ceek Women's Health has created the first speculum designed with the patient in mind. A Kids Co is a new kind of kids media company that is working to empower a generation of kids through diverse storytelling.

  • Tuesday
    Jan 30 2018
    Healthcare in China: Challenges and Opportunities

    NWCC, OBI, and K&L Gates are delighted to welcome Jing Dipiero to the next event -- "Healthcare in China: Global Opportunities." Washington State China Relations Council sponsored her talk on the topic in Seattle, on Dec 6th, 2017. It was very well received.

    “Having been born and raised in Beijing before relocating her career to the US, Jing has acquired an uncommon depth of understanding and keen ability to navigate within the two systems. She expertly guided the audience through a history of healthcare in China.

    However, Ms. Dipiero’s analysis of healthcare in China compared to the US revealed that the system remains rife with challenges. As per capita income of the Chinese population rises, the Chinese government has been implementing universal health insurance that will cover 100% of 1.4 billion population with basic coverage. Such a lofty goal will present opportunities domestically and internationally for medical professionals, investors and technologists abound throughout the globe.

    As a company in the field of medicine, health and innovation, now is a good time to look into the possibilities made available by the increasing demand of Chinese consumers, the vast Chinese market, various funding options, and favorable government policies in support of entrepreneurship and international cooperation.

    Jing is the founder and CEO of DPR Consulting, LLC, an organization established by industry leaders in healthcare and global business. DPR Consulting introduces, educates and offers comprehensive solutions to Chinese patients, medical institutions, local and central government and American technology companies.

    This event is a collaboration between Northwest China Council, Oregon Bioscience Incubator, and K&L Gates.