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Hedron Makerspace

2020 SE Bush St.
portland, OR 97203, United States (map)

Access Notes

the doors automatically lock but we will keep it ajar when we have events. also, there is a phone number posted if you need to be let in.

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Tuesday
    Jun 6 2017
    3D Printing Basics

    Want to get hands-on experience with 3D printing methods? We will be creating and preparing 3D models for 3D printing. This workshop is good for those who want gain fluency with both 3D modeling (CAD) and 3D printing. We will teach you to create digital files and prepare them for 3D printing. Subjects may include: choosing the right material and method of 3D printing, drawings models with TinkerCAD, and adding supports if necessary to your models for 3D printing.

    By the conclusion of the workshop you will be able to produce a 3D-printed object from a design you created.

    We will be using 3D printers known as cartesian and delta bots, reprappro mendel, printrbot simple metal, an SLA printer, and the MOST delta. The printers are all connected to a wireless hub and we connect to them wirelessly via web browser. No software is necessary to control and submit jobs on the printers.

    Bring a laptop with your favorite slicer and 3d modeling software installed (and bring a mouse).

    The software we use for slicing 3D files is called Cura v. 15.02.1 (an older version works best). One software we use for adding supports (if necessary) is called MeshMixer by autodesk. One CAD software we’re gonna use is web-based TinkerCAD and requires no installation. We prefer you use Fusion 360. Sliding Scale Admission - Suggested Donation is $20

  • Friday
    Mar 31 2017
    CNC Router Course

    This will be a 3 day course(taking place over three consecutive Fridays) on CNC routing. Members of Hedron save 50% on course fee.

    Come learn the ins and outs of routing. We will go over CAD, 2D and 3D shaping, Tool Paths, Tool Changes and more.

    Check out What is possible.

    price: $250 or $125 for members (becoming a member is $85)

  • Thursday
    Mar 9 2017
    Autodesk hits Hedron Makerspace - What's new in Fusion 360 API and CAD/CAM Scripting

    Interested in Design and Robotics? Want to learn more about 3D modeling, CNC wood carving, 3D printing, laser engraving, or welding? Hedron is thrilled to host a few software gurus at Autodesk in March's meetup. Come out and get a download from one of the best in his field, Brian Ekins. Brian will talk about how coding is related to CAD, 3D modeling, and machining. Below is the transcript written by Mike Aubrey from the Fusion 360 Meetup group.

    "Let's meetup Thursday March 9th, 6:30 PM at Hedron Makerspace. To kick things off, Jesse with Hedron will be showing off the space...[]...we’ll be featuring local fusion user (and Autodesk API guru) Brian Ekins and his super fun Fusion scripts that let you do interesting things in CAM that are otherwise difficult. Then, we’ve got Keqing Song with the Fusion product team on-deck to finish out the evening with a whole lot of what’s up and coming in Fusion. See you soon!

    Bring your laptop. Bring your appetite - we’ve got the food. Bring your curiosity. Whether you’re looking to explore the neighborhood, see an interesting Fusion project, or get glimpse of what’s coming in the future come join us Thursday March 9th at Hedron Makerspace!."

    RSVP @ https://www.meetup.com/Portland-Fusion-360-Meetup/events/237692227/

  • Friday
    Mar 3 2017
    3D printing basics

    Design something that can be 3D-printed and then print it out in our studio! All participants are encouraged to bring their laptops for 3D modeling (perferrably with 3-button mouse) as well as their smartphone for 3D scanning. You can prepare yourself ahead of time by creating an account on TinkerCAD, Onshape, Fusion 360 or 123D catch.