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Microsoft Pearl Office

1414 NW Northrup Street
Portland, OR 97209, United States (map)
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Past events that happened here

  • Tuesday
    Feb 4 2020
    PDX Ruby Monthly Meeting

    RSVP required, now closed.

    The February meeting will be held at Microsoft where we're going to hear from Scott Hanselman on personal productivity and being a social developer. We've heard from Scott before and can confirm that he is an excellent speaker with solid advice that will help you make the most of your career in tech.

    You can check out some of Scott's huge volume of technical content on his website hanselman.com. There are plenty of blog posts, talks and podcasts to give you a good idea of how fortunate we are to have Scott come join us to speak.

    Due to space limitations this event has a hard cap of 60 attendees. We're also going to need to submit a list of attendees to security ahead of time so it's vital that you RSVP if you're planning to attend. With that in mind please don't RSVP if you're not certain you can make it, as we expect we'll end up turning people away for a seat you're not planning to fill.

    Our second speaker of the evening will be the new/old organizer of PDX.rb Jonan, with an update on the present state of PDX.rb and the Ruby community at large as well as some exciting future plans for our community. You won't want to miss it.

    Come be social and make some new Ruby friends, we're looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Wednesday
    Sep 18 2019
    SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Overview @ Portland SharePoint User Group

    Microsoft Pearl Office

    The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a powerful set of tools for building web parts and other custom code solutions. Microsoft has positioned SPFx as a replacement for the popular JavaScript injection approach as well as other previous development models. SPFx has matured dramatically since its introduction a few years ago and now not only supports developing for SharePoint online but also SharePoint on-premise and even Teams.

    To show you how quickly you can get started with the Framework, we’ll demo how you can create and deploy a Hello World app to an Office 365 tenant. And, then, to see some of the advantages to using SPFx compared to the old JavaScript injection approach we’ll demo a solution originally written using JavaScript injection alongside the refactored version written using SPFx.

    This presentation does discuss code briefly at points, but is not a code deep dive. It is intended for anyone who is simply interested in modern development approaches in SharePoint and Office 365 whether they code themselves or happen to work alongside developers or consultants.

    Erik Benke is a Senior SharePoint Developer and Architect at Mentor Graphics (a Siemens Business).

  • Saturday
    Aug 18 2018
    Women Who Code Portland Workshop: Data Exploration With Python

    Microsoft Pearl Office

    Women Who Code Portland is hosting a Data Exploration with Python workshop. The goal of this workshop is to provide people with an introduction to learning from data using Python and open source libraries. All levels are welcome. We will go over the basics of Python too.

  • Friday
    Jul 15 2016
    Real World DevOps 2016

    As a movement, DevOps has now replaced Agile as the key factor in getting software builds out the door faster and safer. This workshop will help you define conditions of success for your organization and lay out a practical roadmap to change management. We’ll discuss features and advantages of leading DevOps tools and how to make sure your org culture and people can use these to best advantage to drive value and repeatability.

    Agenda: - Building a 3-Phase roadmap to sanity – and getting out of firefighting - Defining DevOps For YOUR Organization - Release Management Plain and Simple – Which Tool is Best? - Metrics Make It Happen – KPI’s You Can Use to Track Progress and Drive Success - Overcoming Obstacles in Adoption

    Contact Dave Harrison (dharriso AT microsoft .com) for more details and an invite.