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Oregon Tech Wilsonville

27500 SW Parkway Ave
Wilsonville, OR 97070, US (map)

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  • Friday
    Mar 11 2016
    Fortinet FortiExpress - Rolling Cyber Security Demo Center Open House + CISSP and Security Presentations!

    End-to-End Security; No Hype Performance plus Protection in one Platform—only from Fortinet

    Fortinet’s FortiExpress is trucking out of Silicon Valley, headed for cities all over North America. Our custom 18-wheeler offers a state-of-the-art Advanced Threat Detection showcase and demo center. Our industry experts are sharing the latest research on emerging cyber security threats, as well as how to protect your networks while maximizing the impact of your IT infrastructure. Forget the hype; get the facts.

    Space is Limited. Register: http://www.xiologix.com/2016/01/fortiexpress2016/

    Friday, March 11 9:30am-3:00pm Open House Lunch Provided 12:00-1:30 - Catered by Slick's Big Time BBQ!

    9:30-3:00 Open House on the Truck. Stop by when you can and stay as long as you’d like!

    10:30-11:30 CISSP Overview - with Kris Rosenberg in room WIL 122 Oregon Tech Program Director for Information Technology and Cybersecurity, Professor Kristopher Rosenberg, will be presenting a high-level overview of the 8 domains that make up the (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification exam. Prof. Rosenberg will talk about how to prepare for the exam and will provide some helpful tips on ways to study the large volume of information that is covered in the exam.

    12:00-1:30 Lunch Provided – Slick’s Big Time BBQ!

    1:30-2:30 Identifying and Improving Confidence in your Security Posture with Christopher Kusek and Kris Rosenberg in room WIL 122 With the recent rash of high profile security attacks in the industry the question is raised as to whether your IT security is fit to handle breaches of that magnitude or whether you’re merely practicing security theater. This presentation goes behind the scenes to address whether ‘compliant’ means secure, and how to look beyond the ‘checkbox’ and how to provide a comprehensive secure environment with actionable threat intelligence to quickly identify and mitigate events as they’re occurring.

  • Thursday
    Oct 15 2015
    Cybersecurity Panel Discussion

    Cybersecurity Panel Discussion

    Thursday October 15th Oregon Tech, Wilsonville Campus

    27500 SW Parkway Ave. Wilsonville, OR 97070 4:00-6:00 Refreshments Provided RSVP to [email protected]

    Featuring experts from: Fortinet, Mentor Graphics, Cisco, and Galois

    4:00-4:30 p.m. - Networking 4:30-5:30 p.m. - Panel Discussion Q and A 5:30-6:00 p.m. - Networking and Optional Tour of Campus

    The format for the panel discussion will be fairly informal. Our faculty Kris will give each of the panelist a couple minutes to introduce themselves and then we will just have a discussion about what we are seeing happen in the cybersecurity space and what the future may hold.

    Guests of the Panel:

    Russ Sovde - Fortinet: Russ Sovde, Vice President of Systems Engineering at Fortinet, the market leaders in Unified Threat Management (UTM), brings over 15 years of experience in the networking and security industry. Prior to Fortinet, Russ worked for NetScreen and Juniper Networks as a Systems Engineer covering the Pacific Northwest territory before joining Mu Dynamics as a Global Field Systems Engineer, where he developed a deep understanding of application, performance and security testing. Russ then joined Fortinet as a Consulting Systems Engineer for Fortinet's Global Carrier division before stepping into a management role as Director of System Engineering for US Based Major Accounts. As the Vice President of Systems Engineering Russ is responsible for the ongoing development of Fortinet's core processes to meet the needs of global customers requiring the highest caliber of network performance and security.

    Serge Leef - Mentor Graphics: Serge Leef is the Vice President of New Ventures and General Manager of the System-Level Engineering Division. He is responsible for identifying and developing product opportunities for Electronic Design Automation in systems-oriented markets. In addition to early stage programs, Serge leads on-going businesses focused on markets where system-level design plays a pivotal role: cyber-physical system design, systems engineering, design data management, cloud-based electronic design, IoT infrastructure, and hardware cybersecurity.

    Serge serves on the Electrical and Computer Engineering Strategic Advisory Board at North Carolina State University. In the past, he has served as a member of Oregon's Engineering and Technology Industry Council (ETIC) which advises the state's public university system on engineering, computer science and technology programs.

    Prior to joining Mentor Graphics in 1990, he was responsible for design automation at Silicon Graphics, where his team created revolutionary high-speed simulation tools to enable design of high speed 3D graphics chips that defined state-of-the-art in visualization, imaging, gaming and special effects for a decade. Before 1987, Leef managed a CAE/CAD organization at Microchip Inc. From 1982 to 1987 Serge worked at Intel Corp. developing functional and physical design and verification tools for major 8- and 16-bit microcontroller and microprocessor programs. Serge holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Computer Science from Arizona State University.

    Eric Schwake-Cisco: Eric Schwake covers a wide range of Cisco security solutions covering the network all the way to the endpoint. Eric has over 10 years of experience in various roles such as technical support, sales and product management all with deep emphasis on information security solutions. He has used his strong experience in information security when working with some of the largest enterprises all the way to SMB.

    Dylan McNamee - Galois: Dr. McNamee grew up in Eugene and received his undergraduate degree in computer science at UC Berkeley, and his graduate degrees (M.S., Ph.D.) at the University of Washington. After that, he joined OGI as an assistant professor, where he did operating systems research, taught graduate classes, and taught several undergraduate classes at Reed College. In 2000, Dr. McNamee left academia to co-found a couple of start-ups. In 2004, he joined the Galois community.

    Dr. McNamee’s thesis work involved modifying the Mach microkernel virtual memory system to enable it to support user-level page replacement policies. He enjoyed kernel hacking, and developed and understanding that operating systems are “just code,” but that modifying operating systems code requires a very conservative mind-set, and the ability to think about the entire system at once and how your modifications might perturb it. His research at OGI spanned a number of aspects of operating systems, from supporting multimedia and adaptive systems to embedded systems. The system-building work he did involved web applications, databases and server scalability, as well as peer-to-peer and client software architectures.

    Kris Rosenberg - Oregon Tech (Moderator): Kris Rosenberg is an Assistant Professor in the Management Department at Oregon Institute of Technology and serves as the Program Director for the Information Technology and Cybersecurity Programs. He also oversees the university’s Enterprise Technology Lab which provides a wide range of services to students in various technology related programs. Prof. Rosenberg joined Oregon Tech after working for over 20 years as a senior IT executive (CIO, CTO, CISO) in a variety of industries. His main areas of expertise include information security, network engineering, and IT service management. In addition to providing leadership for a number of mid-sized and enterprise IT operations, Prof. Rosenberg has also worked as a managing partner and senior consultant for an information security consulting firm that provided managed security services, penetration testing, incident response and computer forensics services. He has also served as an advisor and consultant for a number of law enforcement and government agencies on matters of cybersecurity.