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1945 Southeast Water Avenue
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)

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  • Monday
    Oct 26 2015
    Hack Oregon Glorious Demo Night!

    Hack Oregon Glorious Demo Night!

    After nearly six months of data-sleuthing, creative hustle, and late nights of coding…. the fruits of our labor will all be revealed.

    We’re launching five open source projects to improve the quality of civic life and bring a big-data perspective to big issues in right here in Oregon.

    Every project was lovingly built by committed volunteer focus teams from our community.

    Meet the teams and vote for your favorite for a bit of friendly competition on demo night.

    Sneak Peek of our Launch Lineup:

    Crop Compass Theme: Agriculture

    Teaser: Oregon is one of the richest growing regions on the planet, and we’re known for exporting some of the highest quality crops and commodities all over the world---but what are we getting in exchange for our resources? Learn more about what we’re growing across our state, and what we’re buying and bringing in. How do factors like seasonality, soil quality, market demand, and subsidies affect the vitality of our landscape, agribusiness, and the sustainability of our crops?

    Raise Effect Theme: Job Economy

    Teaser: Next session, our state legislature will debate a minimum wage increase in Oregon--- but how can we understand the effect of raising the minimum wage across a spectrum of different dollar amount increases? What would this mean for families and regions with different costs of living across Oregon? We’re putting the power in your hands to balance multiple factors and imagine what you would do if you were a legislator.

    40-40-100 Theme: Education

    Teaser: In 2011, Oregon made a strong commitment to achievement in statewide education. The 40-40-20 Goal aims to have 40% of Oregonians to receive bachelor degree or higher, 40% to have an associate or vocational degree, and 100% high school graduation by the year 2025. We’ll take take a data-driven look at the student journey navigating enrollment to degree attainment, and check in to see how Oregon is doing in relationship to our goal.

    Plot PDX Theme: Urban Development

    Teaser: It’s no secret that Portland is going through a period of incredible urban growth, and many feel like the decisions that are being made today will impact our city for decades to come. It’s also no secret that this issue has many different points of view and not everyone sees the sees information the same way. We’ve pulled together datasets on all things Urban Development, current and historic, and put them at your fingertips to explore trends, keep track of current activity, and tell your own story.

    Behind the Curtain Theme: Campaign Finance

    Teaser: Even though campaign finance has some of the most strict regulations around transparency and reporting, for many of us, the way influence works in politics seems like a total mystery. Well, not anymore. We’ve opened up everything from school board to senate races to show patterns in relationships, timing, movement in money, and exactly how much your vote is worth (and what you can do to be immune to campaign media).