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235 NW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

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  • Thursday
    Feb 9 2017
    PDX Data Visualization - Monthly Talk Night: Lightning Edition!


    For this night we'll hold lightning talks, in which speakers have five minutes to share projects, ideas, or principles of data visualization! Here's how it'll go:

    Each speaker gets five minutes at most

    We'll have 4 to 6 speakers

    We'll probably do Q&A at the end rather than between talks, to stay on schedule

    Here are some tips on giving a great lightning talk. This is a great opportunity for both seasoned and new speakers alike, whether to hone an idea or as an initial test of an idea you'd like to explore further.

    If you plan on speaking

    Please use this form to pitch it. If I get more than 8 pitches, I may ask people to vote or ask some people to do theirs at a later time!

    * Submit slides by 5pm the night before, Wednesday 2/8!


    5:30 - 6 | Networking, food & drink

    6 - 7ish | Talks

    7ish on | Feedback on talks, more networking

  • Wednesday
    Oct 29 2014
    Cool Infographics: the infographic design process and SEO maximization

    Randy Krum is an infographics and data visualization designer, and the Founder and President of InfoNewt (www.infonewt.com), a data visualization and infographics design company. 

    He is the author of the book, “Cool Infographics,” and the website, Coolinfographics.com  Started in 2007, the site has grown into one of the most influential infographic sites online, handling up to 45,000 unique visitors a day. He designs infographics for clients used for both online distribution and internal communications. Randy speaks at conferences, universities, corporate events, and government agencies about infographic design, data visualization methods, visual content marketing, and the effective use of visuals.

    Research shows that visual information is more quickly and easily understood, and much more likely to be remembered by readers. Randy's presentation will cover the science behind why infographics work, innovative examples of how companies are leveraging infographics to communicate information, the infographic design process, his infographic release strategy to maximize SEO, and design tips for creating great infographics.

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  • Wednesday
    Oct 1 2014
    Making "Smart Information" Real with Mike Pell

    We can no longer afford to produce dead pixels. People’s expectations are already set – every piece of data, every visualization, every we put on any display needs to be alive, deeply connected, and able to surface its true value on demand. Fundamental change is needed, and it all starts with you. Join Mike to see the vision, discuss the realities, and jumpstart the 'Smart Information' revolution together.

    Mike Pell is a bold, insightful, and uncompromising Senior Designer at Microsoft, focused on next gen information exploration and interaction. Having designed for the Cloud, Search, Modern Datacenter, Office, Windows and Mobile over the years has given him a unique perspective on how to communicate clearly through dynamic visualization. Read more at www.futuristic.com

  • Thursday
    Jul 10 2014
    PDX Big Data Discussion Group


    "No talks. One paper per month, no obligation to read it."

    This month's paper is Mondrian Forests: Efficient Online Random Forests by Lakshminarayanan et al. Read it or don't - the goal is just to have something to start conversations. "Did you read the paper?" will do nicely.

    Mention @PDXBigData on Twitter with the link to the full paper to suggest papers for future sessions.