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Voicebox Karaoke SE

734 SE 6th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)

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  • Tuesday
    Jun 3 2014
    karaoke nonsense

    Voicebox Karaoke SE

    Programmers singing!

  • Thursday
    May 8 2014
    Tech/Design Social Over a whisky tasting? Yes, indeed!

    In an attempt to bring the tech and design communities together, this is a fun idea to do a whisky tasting given that WhiskeyFestNW is coming up this same weekend. This event isn't affiliated with that, it's a standalone event, sponsored by Compass Box Whisky, who just won Innovator of the Year award from the World Whisky Awards 2014. And, it's FREE!

    In the spirit of innovation, tasting the perfect melding of technology and design, come on out and meet some new people and try a few whiskies.

    This is pure socializing, though there are experts on hand to answer all of your questions. This craft blending company was a startup, just like any startup and it's inspiring to see companies really succeed in getting their product to market. Heck, you might learn something or just get drunk. Either way, see you there. FREE!