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  • Tuesday
    Nov 17 2015
    PDX Machine Learning


    A quick look at MXNet which is a deep learning framework developed for high performance training on single or multiple machines/GPUs. It has bindings for Julia, Python and R currently and has a GPU backend capability. (more info here: https://github.com/dmlc/mxnet)

    Also we should discuss the recent release of TensorFlow by Google.

    If anyone wants to do a 5 to 10 minute presentation on a Machine Learning topic that would be great as well.

    Meeting notes from September meeting

  • Tuesday
    Sep 15 2015
    PDX Machine Learning


    This first meeting will be primarily to "test the waters" for a monthly Machine Learning meeting in Portland.

    The idea for this monthly meeting is to be a language agnostic forum for discussing topics in Machine Learning such as (but not limited to):

    • Neural Networks & Deep learning
    • Neuro Evolutional methods like NEAT
    • Reinforcement learning
    • Decision Tree learning
    • Bayesian Learning
    • Genetic Algorithms & Genetic Programming

    Applications of machine learning would also make good topics.

    Is there much machine learning going on in Portland? Let's find out.

    (I realize there is already a Portland Data Science meetup, but I tend to think of Machine Learning as being distinct from data science at this point.)

    Meeting notes

  • Friday
    Nov 22 2013
    Crowdfunding in Action at Nedspace


    Get a head start on your 2014 crowdfunding campaign!

    2:30pm - Networking 3:00pm - Discussion and planning 4:00pm - Networking

    We'll talk pricing your products and pledge levels right and how to size your audience so that you can spread the word effectively. Plan your campaign while things are slow and be ready for the new year.