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2828 SW Corbett Ave #100C
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)

OregonCyber is a sofware engineering academy dedicated to teach youth (elementary, middle and high school students) software engineering knowledge and skills.

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  • Thursday
    Jun 27 2013
    Introduction to Game Development for Youth

    Day/Time: Thursday-Friday, July 27-28, 3-5pm.

    This online 2-day "Introduction to Game Development for Youth" workshop is intended for youth 8-12 YEARS OLD students who want to learn software programming through game development. Students are going to learn about software programming logic and design, basic steps in developing software game, explore features in Scratch to accomplish this, and work on hands-on practices and projects.

    It is designed with kids in mind, simple and concise, but filled with important programming concepts such as algorithm, data structure, object-oriented and event programming. This is going to be the 3rd workshop offered this summer. Some of the feedback received: "I really enjoyed the class!", "This is awesome!", "Very well done!", "This class makes me want to learn more about software development!"...