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In Other Words Feminist Community Center

14 Northeast Killingsworth Stree
Portland, OR 97211, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Jun 5 2013
    PyLadies PDX presents: Algorithms as Recipes for Computer Programming

    Join us for Algorithms as Recipes for Computer Programming, presented by Rebekah Golden, a local developer at JanRain.

    Algorithms sometimes intimidate but really they are just recipes for computers to follow to do repetitive tasks. This is a beginner class on recognizing when an algorithm would be useful, basic methods for creating one in Python, and a quick look at algorithms that have been written by others for common tasks. Presentation is in a room without computers but if you bring yours you can build a computer recipe or two yourself. Discussion and repetitive task descriptions welcome.

    This meeting is open to the public. People of all genders are welcome to attend.