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East Portland Eagles Aerie #3256

4904 SE Hawthorne
Portland, OR 97215, US (map)
503 232 7505
Public WiFi

The Eagles Lodge is a 501c(3) charitable giving membership based organization dedicated to "People helping people." F.O.E. 3256 is the East Portland chapter of the International Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Access Notes

Disabled accessible. Free event parking and entry located on SE 50th just south of Hawthorne St. Non-members please sign in at the front desk or at the bar.

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Sunday
    Aug 26 2012
    Pwning Cancer: A Charitable Game Tournament

    Pwning Cancer brings together Portland’s vibrant gaming and geek communities to help defeat cancer through fundraising and the fun of playing together. A finalist in Awesome Portland’s July seed fund competition, Pwning Cancer will he held during the Hawthorne Street Fair, Sunday August 26th, and hosted by the East Portland Eagles Lodge.

    The heart of the event is a video game tournament for kids and adults as well as a free-play area and prizes for winning teams. Games include Smash Bros, Rock Band, Halo and even PONG. Funds raised will be donated to OHSU’s Knight Cancer Research Institute to help support research for a cure and build community support.

    The tournament is supported by local gaming organization including:

    Portland Indie Game Squad: http://pigsquad.com/ Portland Games for Change: http://www.meetup.com/Portland-Games-for-Change/ Portland Area Game Developer Interest Group (PAGDIG): http://www.pagdig.org/

    Sponsors and interested parties can contact Scott Sheppard through Pwning Cancer’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pwning-Cancer/204564349587120

    Please help us in Pwning Cancer by playing games together as a community!

  • Saturday
    Aug 25 2012
    18-hour Game Jam – The PIGSquad EagleJam
    East Portland Eagles Aerie #3256

    The Portland Indie Game Squad will be hosting its fourth local Game Jam this coming August 25th at the East Portland Eagles Lodge! Participants will be challenged to make a game within an 18-hour period, following a theme delivered at the beginning of the Jam!

    August 25th 7am - Lodge will open for Jammers.
    August 25th 8am - Jam will begin.
    August 25th 6pm - The Lodge will be closed to Jammers.
    August 25th 7pm - Jammers are welcome to join others at 1718 SW 16th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97201 to continue work on their games, or Jam at home until 11pm.
    August 25th 11pm - The 1718 house will be closed to Jammers.
    August 26th 7am - Eagle's Lodge will reopen for Jammers.
    August 26th 12pm - Jam ends.

    The space we have available to us allows for an approximate 18-hour Jam. Because of this limited amount of time and Jammers' responsibility for their own equipment/supplies, it is strongly recommended that teams construct a board/card game, though any medium of game is allowed as long as it follows the prompt delivered at the beginning of the 18-hour period.

    A majority of teams will be constructed beforehand, though jammers may participate individually, form a team the night of, or join an existing team. Jammers are responsible for their own supplies/equipment, food, safety, and transportation. There are numerous restaurants located in the area.

    To assist in creating Jam teams, please post below with your preferred game development skillset or team interests if you plan on participating and do not already have a team formed. Please RSVP regardless; we have room for 60 jammers.

    Big thanks to Jeffrey Sens, Sasha Orme, and the East Portland Eagles Lodge for their efforts and sponsorship! Also feel free to join PIGSquad for the Pwning Cancer game tournament and free play session after the Jam on Sunday in conjunction with the Hawthorne Street Fair!

    E-mail us at [email protected] if you have any questions!
  • Sunday
    Oct 2 2011
    Free Geek Town Hall Meeting

    Your local community technology center has recently changed the way it is governed and this is your chance to have a say in the future of Free Geek.

    On Sunday October 2nd at 12pm, Free Geek will hold its first Town Hall Meeting at the Eagles Lodge on SE 50th and Hawthorne. During the meeting you will get the opportunity to hear reports on Free Geek’s progress from staff and the Board of Directors. You will be able to voice your ideas and brainstorm big-picture issues with other volunteers. You will have the chance to participate in workshops, discussions, and Q & A sessions that will help set the future direction of Free Geek.

    You will also hear from candidates for the new position of Volunteer Representatives to the Free Geek Board — as part of the governance changes, Free Geek is committed to maintaining a Board with no less than 25% of its membership elected directly by volunteers to represent their interests. Anyone who has completed 30 or more volunteer hours in the last year will be able to vote. Voting opens at the Town Hall, and will remain open for two weeks in order to maximize the number of votes received. Paper ballots will be available at Free Geek; you may call the front desk at 503-232-9350 to request a ballot by mail. We will use the Schulze Method of voting, the most mathematically correct voting system in existence, to ensure the best and fairest representation. There will also be a free lunch provided, a chance to raise your issues directly with staff and members of the Board, and an after-event session in the Eagles bar for participants. We appreciate and look forward to your participation in this historic convening. See you there!