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UW Center for Urban Horticulture, Seattle WA

3501 NE 41st Street
Seattle, WA 98195, US (map)

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  • Saturday
    Jul 16 2011
    Seattle Lean Camp
    UW Center for Urban Horticulture, Seattle WA

    Seattle Lean Camp is an Open Space. It's about learning, creating, and building value by discussing Lean Principles, Deming, real-world stories, and the impacts of collaboration and respect in the workplace. Kanban, Personal Kanban, Agile, Six Sigma, 5s, is all on the table...but so is the root of all these forms...Continuous Improvement.

    Join practitioners, thinkers, and luminaries from across medicine, manufacturing, software development, education, and personal productivity.

    The open space event is limited to 150 people, so sign up early.

    Register: http://tleleancamp.eventbrite.com