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The Canvas Art Bar

1800 NW Upshur
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

Future events happening here

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Mar 13 2013
    Semi-Permanent Portland AFTER PARY

    After Party at 'The Cleaners' Ace Hotel will be featuring a variety of Artwork, drinks, music and good times for all. Come on down to meet the speakers!

  • Tuesday
    Feb 22 2011
    Digital Journalism PDX: Why is community interaction our responsibility?

    For February's social hour we'll be returning to The Canvas. Our topic: how and why we interact with our online audiences. A handful of community managers/social media coordinators from local news orgs will be on hand to describe their company policies. But how we interact with our communities is only part of the story. Why we do it is the bigger question.

    Come join your fellow journalists for food, drinks and what's sure to be a good conversation.

  • Saturday
    Jan 29 2011
    Drinking and Drawing

    Drinking and Drawing is an evening of collaborative animation. Each participant has 10 minutes to draw 8 frames of animation, leaving their last frame for the next person to start with. In between rounds at the light boxes, we socialize with other members of the animation community, watch some short films, and, of course, have a drink or two. Come to draw, come to drink, come to hang out and have a good time!

  • Tuesday
    Jan 18 2011
    Digital Journalism PDX: Journalism and the Future of Mobile with Jason Grigsby

    There's an aphorism that's making the rounds these days in journalism circles that goes something like this: News organizations are treating mobile like they did print and the Web 10 years ago. In other words, they're acting like mobile - with all its different facets - is just the Web on a smaller screen.

    That may be an oversimplification, but it zeros in on a major problem: What the heck are we doing when it comes to smartphones, apps, different mobile operating systems, feature phones, tablets, and on and on? At the next Digital Journalism Social Hour, Portland's Jason Grigsby is going to help us try and get a handle on that question.