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128 Southwest 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)

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  • Sunday
    Jan 31 2010
    Silverlight Hackathon - Install Clinic
    ruby python beer


    The Install Clinic has moved to Stumptown

    Stuart Celarier is running an Install Clinic at Stumptown starting at 10am. After the clinic, it is a short walk to Souk where we'll be starting the main event at 1pm.

    The Install Clinic is an opportunity to drop in, grab a cup of coffee, and Prepare Your System for the Hackathon. Depending on what software you have to install, and the speed of your laptop, it can take some time for the installs to run. You might want to do those installations at home, but if you're like me, these things can sometimes get put off to the last minute. Well, here is your formal last minute to get ready.

    It's also an opportunity to schmooze, and if you get set up early you can help others or even try your hand at some impromptu Silverlight hacking.

    I am working to get installation media onto CDs or USB drives so we're not all trying to download off the Internets.

    As with any install, I'd highly recommend that you ensure that your system backup is current and valid before getting started. 'Nuf said.