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Umpqua Bank, SW Bond Ave.

3606 SW Bond Ave.
Portland, OR 97239, US (map)

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  • Wednesday
    Sep 9 2009
    Find a Job FAST with Social Media

    Create Your Own Online Reputation that Gets You Job Interviews Fast.

    In this special 2 hour workshop, we will…

    * Learn step by step instructions to design a professional looking résumé that attracts eyes both online and offline. I get compliments all the time, so can you.
    * Understand what employers are really looking for and keywords that will bring you to the top of the pile, leaving the others in the dust.
    * Open a Visual CV account and learn how to manage it so that you can easily customize your résumés for each potential employer
    * Learn how to use Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter together in powerful, synergistic ways to maximize
      your opportunities to get noticed.
    * Discover how to take control of the information a potential employer can get about you, and then craft it in such a way as to create a powerful and compelling image long before they meet you in person.
    * Get inside the head of a potential employer and answer the 3 burning questions every interview and résumé must answer. This knowledge alone will make you virtually immune to those “tough” interview questions.