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OHSU School of Nursing Auditorium

3455 SW US Veterans Hospital Rd.
Portland, Oregon 97239, US (map)
503 494-7725

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  • Friday
    Mar 11 2011
    IEEE OREGON Virtual Worlds Symposium

    Co-sponsored by: National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research, NCRAR

    Goto: http://ewh.ieee.org/mu/oregon-ims-css/ for detailed symposium info.

    In the context of this symposium, a virtual world will be defined as a computer-based simulated 3D virtual environment in which users, taking the form of avatars visible to others graphically, inhabit, create and use objects, and interact with each other. Although, the usage of virtual worlds for entertainment purposes might be generally understood, the increased usage of virtual worlds for education, business, professional and commercial applications is not yet well understood.

    The purpose of this symposium is introduce 1) present tutorials and examples of usage of a selected virtual social environment, Second Life®, which is being used by the IEEE® professional organization to educate, communicate, and promote membership collaboration, present examples of Second Life being used in a wider range of engineering fields such as architecture, mechanical design, corporate group meetings, 2) present a keynote address by an IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society Distinguished Lecturer on research topics in the area of virtual social environments and multi-player gaming, and, 3) host a “geekfest” event with presentations demonstrating wide-ranging universe of virtual worlds, applications, tools, and situations.

    It is anticipated the symposium will be jamb-packed with entertaining multimedia presentations, fun for attendees and fun for presenters. The symposium will be considered a success if those attending leave with greater knowledge, deeper understanding, and lots of thoughts on how virtual world technology is, could, or might be applied in our world. Finally, it is hoped the symposium will help foster continued cross-generation, cross-discipline fellowship and learning on this topic.

    Speaker(s): Dr. Shervin Shirmohammadi,

    Agenda: Goto: http://ewh.ieee.org/mu/oregon-ims-css/ for detailed symposium info.

    Part 0 (4pm to 4:45pm) Introduction to the selected virtual world, Second Life. Not recorded. Basic introduction to Second Life. For those who have little idea what it is, how it could be used, or how to use it. Includes PBS Digital Nation, parts 6&7, Second Life introductory multimedia.

    Part 1 (5pm to 6:15pm) Student presentations: IEEE Second Life and Engineering applications. Recorded.
    [six] 10 minute presentations total. Two general types of student presentations: • Tutorials on Second Life- How Second Life is being used by the IEEE professional organization and how to use it.
    Topics might include but not limited to: what are IEEE Second Life islands, how to enter and use them, extend them, etc. How is IEEE currently using their real estate in Second Life. What is the Second Life grid and mainland. What are other tools available in Second Life. Development and acquisition of objects and real estate in Second Life to create image, personality, establish presence, and conduct one’s “self”. • Demonstrations of engineering in Second Life- Demonstrations of other significant engineering usages of Second Life model. Examples might include designing products or buildings using simulation.

    Break (6:15pm to 7:00pm) Dinner break.
    Complementary, self-serve food buffet in symposium area. Partakers encouraged to drop a few cans in foodbank barrels.

    Part 2 (7:00pm to 8:30pm) Keynote: Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Shervin Shirmohammadi. Recorded. Sponsored by IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society Distinguished Lecturer Program: Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Shervin Shirmohammadi, speaking on research topics relating to virtual social environments and multiplayer gaming. Going out beyond Second Life virtual world to a more generalized, universal view of virtual social environments, including technologies and problems getting us there.

    Break (8:30pm to 8:45pm). Setup for Geekfest.

    Part 3 (8:45pm to 10:30pm). Oregon Virtual Universe Geekfest MMXI. Recorded. [Eight] 10 minute presentations total. Open up scope to wider universe of virtual worlds and application areas excluding areas of adult/sexual or violent themes or portraying cultural/political insensitivity. Demonstrations and examples on not only Second Life but other virtual worlds being applied in areas which might include engineering, professional, commercial, entertainment, industry, education, communication, social networking, and beyond. Intended to potentially broaden the discussion to a wider range of ideas the virtual world technology is or could be effectively applied to.

    Shutdown (10:45pm) Pick the place up and pack it all up. Clear out (11pm).

    Location: Room: School of Nursing Auditorium, Room 144 Bldg: Oregon Health & Science University, 3455 SW US Veterans Hosp Road, Portland OR 97239

  • Wednesday
    May 27 2009
    OHSU: The Patient Activation Measure and Its Role in Patient-Centered Care

    atients hold the keys to the healthcare kingdom. Whether one turns to data from the Centers for Disease Control, advocacy organizations such as the American Cancer Society or from published research in the New England Journal of Medicine, one finding resounds--most of what drives our health status is the result of the choices we make. Even when health is genetically predisposed, the choices we make as patients and consumers have great import.

    The Patient Activation Measure (PAM) is a survey, developed by Dr. Judith Hibbard and colleagues at the University of Oregon, and is designed to assess the knowledge, skills and confidence for managing one's own health and healthcare. Research worldwide has validated the measurement power of the PAM, and the ability to use the PAM and its related body of behavioral insights to render care and support with greater effectiveness and efficiency. Insignia Health, whose CEO is Chris Delaney, has built a set of products around the PAM that enable patients to develop behaviors that are crucial to becoming more active self-managers and engaged members of their healthcare teams.

    In this talk Dr. Hibbard will discuss the research behind the development of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM), how it is being used to make health care more patient-centered, and how it can improve outcomes. Mr. Delaney will discuss the translational effort to build and commercialize products based on the PAM . He will describe how these tools are being adopted and used in the healthcare market place.