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Emerge Interactive

412 SW 12th Ave
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)

Emerge is a full service user-centered interactive agency with expertise in integrated strategy, user experience design (UXD), web design and development, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM). We develop experiences that amplify and extend brands and engage consumers across web, desktop and mobile environments.

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  • Thursday
    Jul 20 2017
    How to Get Promoted (and Succeed Once you Do)

    Emerge Interactive

    You want a promotion, but you're not clear what you're supposed to do to get one.

    You aren't alone. No topic in modern business is more fraught with fear and myth than getting promoted into leadership.

    Perhaps you've thought about asking your boss, "What would it take to get promoted here?"—but you don't ask because you worry your boss may fear you're going to try to take his or her job.

    Or you've figured you'd just focus on doing great work in your current role. (Unfortunately, that practically guarantees you won't be promoted, or that you'll fail if you are promoted).

    Or maybe you're wondering if you need to grit your teeth and start bragging and brown-nosing. (Bad idea.)

    Stop guessing. Start taking charge of your own career growth.

    You'll discover why self promotion is deadly to your career aspirations—but visibility is vital... AND get the details you need on how to build exactly the right kind of visibility.

    You'll see the promotion game from inside the minds of the decision makers, and understand how to transform yourself into the obvious best person to promote into the role you most want next.

    You'll uncover the Only Universal Truth of Leadership and what it means for your advancement. (You'll be able to use this to coach yourself and others to leadership greatness.)

    You'll learn from famed instructor Thomas Cox, discoverer of The Only Universal Truth of Leadership and Director of Becoming a Best Boss Training & Coaching, who will give you the naked truth about what it takes to get promoted. This is a more intensive and detailed version of a talk he's giving to over 100 ambitious professionals at Fred Meyer in September—available to you now in a special and intimate setting. Attendance is limited to 25.

    Event Features

    90 Minutes of intense education—fits easily into your workday. Get started on the road to promotion now. Stop wasting time and opportunity!

    Takeaways—every key point is included in the handouts, ensuring you can easily absorb all the guidance and take it with you.

    Live discussion—means all learning styles are catered to, including yours. Your questions get answered.

    You'll meet peers who can help you, and whom you can help. You'll need a new kind of professional network at your next level—begin building it now, before you need it. Includes the "Six Pack of Change Support"—harness the world's best structured system for supporting follow-through on new behavior.

    This intensive seminar gives you customized, useful guidance that you can put to work immediately.

    In two years, do you want to be grateful you invested in yourself, or do you want to be wishing you had?

    Don't regret later. Act now. Buy a ticket and tell a friend.


    Includes three bonus tools: the Accountability Loop, the Promotion Path, and the Career Management Log.

  • Wednesday
    May 6 2009
    Gumbo Study Group

    Emerge Interactive

    Matt LeGrand will present on Skin Classes in Flex 4.