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2020 SW 4th Ave., Suite 300
Portland, Oregon 97201, US (map)

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  • Thursday
    Mar 18 2010
    SAOpdx: Parallel Java Programming for Multi-Core Processors


    Presented by the SAO Developers Forum

    With over 6.5 million software developers worldwide, Java is used in every major industry segment, running on everything from cell phones to scientific supercomputers. Traditionally, it has been difficult for programmers to take advantage of the multi-core systems with their ever-multiplying number of cores. But that is all about to change with JSR-166y. Targeted for Java 7, scheduled for release in late 2010, JSR-166y adds a lightweight task framework known as ForkJoin (FJ) to the Java platform.

    Steve Dohrmann will be discussing the fundamentals of parallel Java programming. His talk will include the use of Java threads, an overview of the JSR-166y (ForkJoin) package, and some points on higher-level parallel programming models. If you're a Java developer, you can't afford to miss this opportunity to learn about the future of Java in a parallel world. And developers on other environments will find the overview of parallel application development and solid parallel algorithm fundamentals to be valuable in building systems that scale and provide competitive differentiation for your solutions.

    Meet the Speaker: Steve Dohrmann, Software Engineer, Intel Since joining Intel in 1994, Steve has worked in a variety of research, advanced development, and product groups within the company. He is currently working in a Java technology group and is focused on data-parallel programming for the Java VM.

    Intel will be giving away a brand new laptop for a door prize!

    Cost: $5 student rate / $20 member rate+ / $30 non-member rate student rate, sponsored by Intel. Use code: school Students must register using their school email address.

  • Thursday
    Jan 29 2009
    Portland Business Alliance Green Hour


    Green Hour events, presented by Portland Business Alliance, greater Portland's Chamber of Commerce, will highlight Portland area businesses that are going above and beyond with sustainability and green practices.

    Green Hour events will take place on a quarterly basis. If your business would like to showcase its sustainable practices through a Green Hour event, please contact Christine Gatlin, membership events manager, at [email protected], or 503-552-6742.

    Space is limited. Advance registration required at www.portlandalliance.com