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under the Burnside Bridge

West Burnside and Naito Parkway
Portland, Oregon (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Friday
    Jun 27 2008
    Critical mass in Portland Oregon

    Critical Mass meets every month, last Friday, 5:30P (departing around 6:00)

    June 2008: meet under the Burnside Bridge

    Bring your bike, your friends, your lights, and your biggest smiles!

    Critical Mass is:

    - A leaderless, spontaneous bike ride through the streets of Portland (and hundreds of other cities worldwide)
    - A time to ride your bike without fear through busy downtown streets
    - A great way to meet other bicyclists, pass out fliers, learn about other events
    - A meandering celebration of bicycling
    - Something different for everyone
    - Family-friendly
    - A visionary projection of what our future might look like

    Critical Mass is not:

    - Dangerous, violent, threatening, or exclusive
    - A place to buy, sell, or capitalize
    - Planned in advance
    - A race to the finish

    You will want to have a white front light and red rear light / reflector in order to avoid getting a citation. If you ride to antagonize motorists, please choose another time / place.