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Mar 8, 2011
About Stock
OTBC (Oregon Technology Business Center)

You're starting a company and have multiple founders. A number of questions come up:

  • What exactly is founders stock? How is it different from options?
  • How is it different from investors' stock?
  • How do you decide how much stock each founder will receive?
  • Do founders purchase their stock?
  • How much do they pay?
  • Should the stock vest?
  • What happens if a founder leaves?
  • What happens if you add more founders a few months down the road?
  • How do founders get diluted when investors buy stock?
  • How much stock do founders typically have when a company gets acquired or goes IPO?

We'll answer those questions and more at this event. OTBC exec director (and former startup CEO) Steve Morris and Ernie Bootsma, an emerging-business attorney with Ater Wynne will provide an overview of how stock works, and answer your questions.

As an extra incentive - all attendees to this event will receive, courtesy of the Synergy Consulting Group, a stock structure / growth spreadsheet that will help you evaluate different valuation/growth/dilution scenarios. The spreadsheet is a $29.95 value!

So join us for this seminar. You'll learn a few things, and walk away with a very useful tool.

Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2011 Time: 4:30pm to 5:30pm, followed by food, beverage, and networking Where: OTBC: 8305 SW Creekside Place, Suite C, Beaverton Cost: $15